How to earn cryptocurrency by opening the email

How to earn cryptocurrency by opening the email: the new system is about to start… which is already debating!

How to earn cryptocurrency by opening the email - earn

Would you pay a few euros to make sure that the person you are sending an e-mail message actually reads? Someone evidently yes, and that is enough to be able to launch, a project previously known as, which has as its objective precisely that of allow its users to earn cryptocurrencies in exchange for reading and replying to messages they will receive each time in your account.

Beyond some skepticism from the most critical, wants to be more than a "simple" system to reward the reading of e-mails. The next step involves the launch of a new cryptocurrency which the company has declared to be the more profitable token”, And which can be acquired by participating in the ecosystem. This is not a typical ICO, because it is not possible to purchase it outright, or at least not at the moment.

One of the ways to detect the token is recruit new users. However, the startup whitepaper notes that "since the number of tokens earned for onboarding is reduced in half every time the user base is doubled, early adopters are incentivized to sign up immediately". In short, the sooner you sign up and the more tokens you get.

The vision of the founder, Balaji srinivasan, is to establish a correspondence ecosystem, for remuneration, but - therefore - not only. With this in mind, according to Crunchbase, the company raised just over $ 120 million from venture capitalists. In 2015, was a hardware bet based on cryptocurrency mining rather than a bet on a communication economy system. Then, the turning point and the change of name in, and the continuous addition of new features that should allow users to be able to derive greater satisfaction (such as a useful integration with Gmail, which refers unknown senders to a mailbox. Earn mail, while your Gmail contacts will remain able to contact you normally).

What is certain is that the system will have to be tested. In fact, someone could be indignant at being "bounced" by the paywall, which will reply to send money if you want to send the email ...