How to start mining on your phone

How to start mining on your phone - What is Mining 1You need a smartphone with internet access. If you have it, you can download applications from various cloud mining providers in the app store.

Once you have created a user account with the respective provider - and paid the required fee, if any - mining can usually begin. You can increase your hashrate very strongly with many providers depending on the money deposited, so that returns above 100% are realistic above this.

If you are looking for a free option, there is, for example, the StormGain app, where you can start mining after registration. However, the hashrate is very low at 0,5 and after four hours, the mining process is always automatically stopped - and needs to be reactivated.

Furthermore, the minimum amount required to cash out your Bitcoins is ten USDT, which is reached with a hashrate of 0,5 after approximately 450 hours of active mining.

For mining of different altcoins, there is an application called MinerGate Mobile Miner. The user interface is very easy to understand, you get your own cryptocurrency wallet in the app, and you can mine coins like Monero, QuazarCoin and DigitalNote.

Unfortunately, the app is no longer available in the Play Store, which is why you have to download it via a browser to install it.
We remind you that in addition to mining, it is also possible to proceed with cryptocurrency trading through apps such as Bitcoin Revolution. Read our review to find out more.

Apps generate currencies secretly

For individual users, mining Bitcoin isn't worth it at all. Likewise, other cryptocurrencies don't have a value that would be worth it with just one smartphone. 

But foolishly enough, many still mine cryptocurrencies with their phones, they just don't know it. There are various apps that superficially have nothing to do with digital currencies. 

For example, they can be downloaded games for Android. These use the smartphone processor without permission in the background to be able to mine cryptocurrencies.

These apps are dangerous, of course, or at least they ensure that a huge amount of bandwidth and processor power is used by the smartphone. So, if you have recently installed an app and suddenly your device gets very hot or the battery runs out quickly, you may have come across such an app. 

This is classically malware, which of course shouldn't find its way onto the smartphone. Fortunately, this form of Bitcoin mining is not yet profitable for the respective developers, but this may change in the future, as the example of Bitcoin shows. If an app is suspected of cryptomining, then it should be uninstalled immediately.