With bitcoin and zero fiat, this was a bitcoiner's vacation in Costa Rica

With bitcoin and zero fiat, this was a bitcoiner's vacation in Costa Rica - why going on vacation is importantEugenio, a Costa Rican bitcoiner, has decided to take a vacation to show that there are already enough companies in his country that accept bitcoin (BTC). In this way, he made it clear that it is possible to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of the country by paying with cryptocurrency.

The Costa Rican followed in the footsteps of colleague Juliet Lima, who last July saw the progress of bitcoin adoption in the southwestern region of Costa Rica.

This area includes Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal, a coastal city in the South Pacific of the Puntarenas province, where the Bitcoin Jungle project is working with the idea of ​​creating a circular economy based on the pioneering cryptocurrency.

On his Twitter feed, Eugenio wonders that, just as San José in Costa Rica became the third city in the world to have electricity in 1884, "what number of the planet will we be in adopting bitcoin, a substantially more important?".

The answer to Eugenio's question arises spontaneously when it is observed that Costa Rica does not appear on Finder's map as one of the places with the highest bitcoin adoption. There is a lot of enthusiasm around cryptocurrency on its territory from communities.

A bitcoin and no-fiat vacation in Costa Rica

Like a good cyclist, Eugenio crossed the south-west of Costa Rica, one of the greenest countries in Central America. Meanwhile, on his Twitter account, he not only left evidence of this, but also of all payments made with bitcoin.

He enjoyed the gastronomic and cultural attractions of the Barrio Escalante and dined at the Jardín de Lolita restaurant, where he paid with bitcoin on the Lightning network to do so at lightning speed.

He also enjoyed the pizza and ice cream they serve at the Sibú Café in Uvita Beach. “They were very happy to accept bitcoin as a form of payment,” wrote Eugenio.

He paid for breakfasts with bitcoin at the Uvita Bali Bosque hotel and bought succulent ribs without chemical additives at the Seguras Butcher restaurant.

In the evening, after enjoying the abundant nature of the Costa Rican countryside, Eugenio shared a cocktail with friends at the Mosaic Wine Bar and Café. “And we all paid with bitcoin,” he said.

At Dominical's eco-pot he bought accessories for role-playing games, ingredients for his cold drinks and even goat cheese. He also had lunch and paid with bitcoin at Café Mono Congo, located in the same city.

Financial innovation on another level with bitcoin in Costa Rica

“It was a short visit and this was just a taste of the place and all the things you can pay for with bitcoins. In all those places they had smiles on their faces every time I paid, as they asked me: 'on blockchain or Lightning' ”, wrote the Costa Rican.

In just six months, the Bitcoin Jungle team managed to get more than 30 places in the Whale Bay neighborhood to accept bitcoin payments. However, their work continues and they celebrate their achievements, as they have shown on their social networks.