Tips for surviving this brutal bear market

Tips for surviving this brutal bear market - jb 13In a rapidly declining cryptocurrency market, this is not the best time to broker and trade; it is better to keep the liquidity reserves in fiat to buy at lower prices. If you happen to see your balance on the cryptocurrency exchange or wallet decrease, change the view of assets from fiat to BTC / ETH and try to accumulate these assets as much as possible.


Explore other opportunities to earn cryptocurrency, such as staking. It is possible to make money with cryptocurrencies by going beyond just trading. At a time when it's not producing the old profits, cryptocurrency earning services like Binance Earn can provide an alternative to your wallet. Put cryptocurrencies in a pile - you won't be trading them anyway, waiting for the markets to recover! You will soon see your assets increase in line with your annual percentage return. It can be as high as 20% for it staking of ETH 2.0 and 26% for staking by GLMR. Many other profitable cryptocurrencies are also available, with rates well above bank rates.

Buy low

"Buy low". This is one of the main mantras of cryptocurrency trading, even on reputable platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution. “Buying low” means taking advantage of low prices as profitable entry points into a bear market. The trader who chooses this tactic believes that it is only a matter of time before prices recover after falling at a certain point, and hopes to make a good profit. However, it is necessary to avoid "falling on your feet". Finding a real fund is no different than trying to "catch the falling knife" - buying a rapidly depreciating asset near a recent fund in anticipation of a rapid recovery.

Remember: in most cases, "falling knives" end up damaging your wallet. As with any transaction, be cautious. If you really want to buy, you can do so in small increments as the price of the asset falls. For example, after every 5% drop in the price of BTC, you can buy 5% of the free fiat assets you have allocated to the average. This bearish strategy is called "laddering".

Buy stable currencies. Let's face it: most cryptocurrency traders still measure the gains and losses of cryptocurrency trading in fiat: dollars or local currency. Therefore, in a bear market, it sometimes makes sense to lock in the profits of your cryptocurrency wallet in stabelcoin and avoid potential losses. In the future, you can trade more fiat reserves for stablercoin to prepare for the next market rally.

Learn how to sell short

An old saying goes that the market goes up the stairs and down the elevator. This means that markets go up slower than they go down. A bear market is suitable for short positions as a bull market is suitable for long positions. Learn how to use this tool, but the key is not to get carried away and use excessive leverage to avoid liquidating your position, and remember that short and margin trading carry greater risks to your cryptocurrency portfolio.