Consultancy and courses on cryptocurrencies and ico in Rome: how many of you are interested in cryptocurrencies but they have no time to search the internet for all the information and start investing in this new business of the future?

Consultancy and courses on cryptocurrencies and ico in Rome

what we teach in our studio in Rome is not to become professional TRADERS and invest in options or stock exchanges, we simply teach how and where to buy your cryptocurrencies, how to keep them safe and how to invest in them.

Cryptocurrency courses and consultancy :

are all individual lessons ed they cost 100 euro + VAT per hour

  • what are the best exchanges
  • how to sign up to buy cryptocurrencies
  • where they are bought
  • how to buy (credit card, bank transfer)
  • how to keep them (wallet)
  • how stop loss works and orders in sell or buy
  • information on how the market is going

If you too want to approach this world with any amount and without intermediaries (all accounts will be owned by you and you can manage them independently) contact us and book the consultation, we can provide you with the basics to start the purchase not only of Bitcoin, but also of Ripple, IOTA, Stellar and much more.