What is an ERC20 Wallet with private keys: Metamask guide to buy tokens

An ERC20 Wallet is a Wallet based solely on Ethereum blockchain, ERC20 stands for the standard of Ethereum smart contracts. 

Guide to buy tokens from ERC20

  1. Register to a wallet with private keys that supports ERC20
  2. Send ETH to our wallet
  3. Send ETH from our Wallet 
  4. receive our token automatically

ERC20 compatible wallets to buy Tokens

we hear a lot about ERC20 when we go to Buy Tokens.

What is an ERC20 Wallet with private keys: Metamask guide to buy tokens - erc20 wallet

Tokens are not full-fledged coins that can be exchanged on exchanges but exactly the first phase, in jargon they are the ico and pre-ico coins, therefore of those startups that finance themselves to start a project, at the end of the ico it is decided whether to go go ahead with the project and maybe make those tokens become coins and exchange them on exchanges.

For convenience, almost all startups that want to make an ico decide to sell their tokens only through ERC20. The reason is simple, if we send eth from there, we automatically receive tokens. 

Metamask how it works

As you may have heard around, it is one of the best software applications (exactly it is a Chrome software extension), suitable for both receiving eth and Tokens of all kinds Erc20 compatible.

Go to Chrome, Other Tools, Extensions, search for Metamask and add. Create a password, you're done.


https://metamask.io/ (it's very simple, there's the extension for chrome)


Other wallets for ERC20

https://www.myetherwallet.com/I consider it complex to understand

https://eidoo.io/(non vi metto il link perchè alcuni hanno avuto problemi nell’utilizzo

Private keys

many companies during the sale specified the fact of having wallets with these private keys to distinguish and make it absolutely clear that buyers should not send eth from an address of any exchange as no one has the exchange private keys and therefore no one would receive the token.

Where to buy ETH to send on Metamask and myetherwallet

we recommend the following Exchange



Obviously we can pay by bank transfer or credit card.