Cosmos updates and becomes Stargate: another 2017 ICO is about to complete its vision

Cosmos updates and becomes Stargate: another 2017 ICO is about to complete its vision - stargate blog cover 2 1024x576Everything is ready for the launch of Stargate, the Cosmos update. The community recommends Investors interested in following them through the @cosmos account on Twitter.

Stargate represents an important milestone for the Cosmos project on the way to launching its inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol that will allow more than 200 Tendermint-based blockchains to interoperate easily.

Stargate also brings many improvements. The blockchain will run more efficiently, updates will be much faster, and completed nodes will be able to synchronize faster.

All ready for launch

“Stargate updates all the software that makes IBC possible for ATOM, but there is an additional governance proposal before tokens can be transferred to and from the Hub,” said Iqlusion founder Zaki Manian. It takes at least another two weeks for IBC to take effect, but the software to run it is now in place.

Many blockchains that will be familiar to the inhabitants of the crypto community are part of the wider Cosmos ecosystem, including the stablecoin Terra protocol, the stablecoin Kava and the FOAM location verification network.

“The Foamspace team is thrilled with the launch of Stargate coming to Cosmos Hub, a milestone for the blockchain ecosystem that enables the FOAM Proof of Location radio protocol to be fully implemented with global scalability through local consensus”, Ryan John King , CEO of FOAM, said in an email.

Kava's team is cautiously optimistic about Stargate. “Before IBC adoption can take place, we need to perform a solid set of internal tests and reviews to ensure it interacts with the Kava blockchain as intended. Once this is done, Kava is thrilled to release the IBC integration, ”said Kava CEO Brian Kerr. Another founder said he was particularly impressed with Cosmos' cross-chain vision.

A really wide adoption

“The main reason I chose Cosmos to lead the technology in my company was because of the planned interoperability between the different Cosmos zones,” said Neeraj Murarka, CTO of Bluzelle, the decentralized data storage company dapp. “I was not simply interested in a silo network operated by my company. Interoperability is a huge advantage. "

However, his interest did not stop there. It is also the ability to scale to many users and many ecosystems. “One of the biggest key benefits I want to leverage with Stargate and IBC is scalability. It is very difficult to scale blockchains, ”Murarka wrote. He hopes Cosmos will allow Bluzelle to reach apps on many chains.

Kava's Kerr sang a similar note: “Once IBC is integrated, Kava will be able to rapidly expand to hundreds of new blockchains and their users. We expect IBC to be a huge catalyst in driving the growth of the Kava platform ”.

True fans can follow the launch party, where members of the Cosmos team will perform the live update starting at 5:45 UTC via the @cosmos account on Twitter.