Cryptocurrencies, in Tokyo you can use to rent limousines

Cryptocurrencies, in Tokyo they can be used to rent limousines. New spending opportunities for Bitcoin & co.

Cryptocurrencies, in Tokyo you can use to rent limousines - Tokyo crypto limousine

Remixpoint Inc. is working in collaboration with Hinomaru Limo Co. to enable its passengers to use digital currencies such as the Bitcoin to be able to pay the rides between Tokyo and the two main airports of the Japanese capital, through their own particularly prestigious cars.

According to some sources close to the top management, trial service is expected to start by the end of November and will initially cover runs between the 23 lanes of Tokyo and Haneda airports o Narita. However, official declarations are awaited, given that these are unconfirmed rumors from people with knowledge of the company's plans, who have however asked not to be identified. A formal announcement should however be expected for the next few hours, specifying that the rental cars will be able to accept payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash ed Ethereum.

The Japanese press reports that this initiative can be considered as part of a broader trend to move cryptocurrencies beyond mere financial speculation and trading, resulting in a more widespread measure in retail payments. We remember how i main prices cryptocurrency have plummeted over the past year, since initial expectations that Bitcoin and other digital currencies would have overturned the existing economic order, giving way to the reality that most of them are too volatile or too inefficient to compete with credit cards or cash.

Remixpoint operates BITPoint, one of the 16 encrypted currency exchanges authorized by the Japanese financial control body. Tokyo-based Hinomaru is a privately held company that manages a fleet of 362 limousines and 161 taxis, according to its website. If the service were to be successful, it could be excellently expanded to include regular taxi rides, said one of the people involved in the deal.