Cryptocurrencies, how it went last week

Cryptocurrencies, how it went last week: a look at the trend of the most important digital currencies in the world.

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Last week the main ones cryptocurrency they strengthened or consolidated their positions in a fairly correlated manner.

In particular, in the week in question, six of the eight main ones cryptocurrency they closed positively, while two cryptocurrency they achieved a negative performance, although less than - 5%. This is an improvement on the previous week, when instead cryptocurrency the period of analysis had uniformly closed in negative.

As for the best performance, Monero is leading, and last week led the fund with a growth performance of $ 64,57, or + 23,2%, ending at $ 342,80. On a technical level, Monero is then followed by Bitcoin, which gained 8,5% last week closing at $ 11,029,99.

Bitcoin is attempting to reach a new rough point in 2018, targeting $ 12.000. Last week the world's best-known cryptocurrency earned $ 863,9, or 8,5%, closing at $ 11,029,99.

IOTA got the second best result of last week, with an increase of 0,21 dollars, or of 12,1%, to 1,92 dollars. He still struggled to rise again after the peak of 2,21 dollars three weeks ago, and the subsequent retracement.