Cryptocurrencies, the CEO of Binance is optimistic about the future of the sector

Cryptocurrencies, the CEO of Binance is optimistic about the future of the sector. Will the 2019 be the year of the revival for the crypto?

Cryptocurrencies, Binance CEO is optimistic about the future of the industry - binance

The CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has recently expressed a deep confidence in the prospects of the sector of criptovaluta, despite the difficult market conditions. In fact, in an interview with "Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East", the exchange's top manager pointed out that Binance intends to start the new year "with a bang" in line with the company's bullish outlook for the sector.

According to the evaluation of CZ, the subject of the prices of the cryptocurrency will always attract speculative assets in the crypto-value ecosystem, which in turn will cause new price fluctuations up or down. Last year, he said, there was probably an excessive fluctuation, followed by a correction phase that lasted for most of the 2018. While admitting that it is impossible to know if the "bear" market phase is over, Zhao has argued that the long-term industry - regardless of price trends - is supported by "real" applications.

Binance will be aggressive

Despite the turbulence and uncertainties of the market, Binance she is still very aggressive in pursuing her ambitions. Therefore, the company has set new milestones for next year. One of these, revealed Zhao, is a plan to launch its decentralized exchange to allow more freedom for its users.

Again, the top manager said that Binance welcomes the regulatory involvement within the cryptographic value space by all governments around the world, provided there is sufficient clarity to combat the current uncertainty. In his opinion, good and reasonable regulation will promote rather than hinder innovation.