Cryptocurrencies, new landslide with the decline on Friday

Cryptocurrencies, new landslide with the decline on Friday. Day to forget for the cryptocurrencies, which are now attempting to rebound.

Cryptocurrencies, new landslide with the downturn on Friday - cryptocurrency mining

Still difficult times for the cryptocurrency, veterans from a closing last week full of thrill. Ripple, Ethereum e Bitcoin, three of the major reference cryptocurrencies to guide and influence the entire market, have in fact updated their lows of the year again, going to sell further market capitalization, and failing to reverse the course. New sales, on the other hand, lead to the breakdown of important technical supports, with the virtual currencies in free fall (or almost, although one cannot yet speak of panic selling).

Still from a technical point of view, the collapse of Ripple, ether and BTC, has opened the door to new falls, even of strong intensity, with technical analysts having cut the new estimates on the supports.

But why was there another black trading session?

In hindsight, the reason (unique, but perhaps main) is linked to the publication of a comment by a sector operator, which has revealed a pessimism that has never been dormant this year in the sector. Not everyone, in truth, thinks so pessimistically: Ian McLeod, of Thomas Crown Art, believes that considering the strong commercial tensions, political uncertainties, including Brexit, and the turbulence on the financial markets, it can be expected that cryptocurrencies are increasingly viewed as safe haven by investors in 2019, and beyond.

Waiting to understand what will happen, we can only reckon on what happened, with Bitcoin which lost 8% to $ 3.400, XPR which yields 8,5% to $ 0,30, and Ether that loses below $ 100, a support that was considered to be very important from a psychological point of view.

On the altcoin front, Bitcoin Cash sells 12%, Stellar 13,2%, Litecoin 10,4%, Dash even 16,68%.