Criptovalute? They can become mainstream, says a well-known banker

Criptovalute? They can become mainstream, says a well-known banker. Openings more or less… convinced by currency and financial managers.

Criptovalute? They can become mainstream, says a well-known banker - Joseph Otting

La criptovaluta has all the potential to become mainstream. Word of Joseph Otting, responsible for Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which last Thursday made an important opening towards this sector. But why?

"When I was a child I had marbles that I could exchange with baseball cards with my friends”- recalled the head of the regulatory agency of the federal bank in a symposium on the future of finance. He then recalled how the regulatory guidelines for the collection must be prepared and applied with particular reference to the initial offers of coins (ICO), in the very short term. "The longer we wait, the harder it will be to put the toothpaste in the tube" - Bill Huizenga, a Republican member of the House of Representatives for the state of Michigan, then specified at the same meeting.

Shortly after that Huizenga After leaving the discussion session, SEC Corporation's director of finance, Bill Hinman, added that ICOs have the real ability to facilitate capital formation, as long as the securities laws are followed. During the same meeting, Jeb Hensarling, head of the financial services committee, declined to say whether or not he will put forward a bill on cryptocurrency by the end of this year, when his stay in Congress will end.

Among other more authoritative voices, we also point out that of the president and CEO of the American Bankers Association, Rob Nichols, who said he doubted that the cryptocurrency could replace cash. He added that he does not plan to use Bitcoin or other virtual currency to buy a hamburger from McDonalds. Similar pronouncements were also made by the North American president and CEO of Prudential PLC, Barry Stowe, who specified that he did not yet trust cryptocurrencies.

Finally, at the end of the conference, Tom Quaadman, executive vice president of the Center for Capital Markets, said that the SEC, the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission and the Federal Reserve must look at cryptocurrency in a holistic way, because cryptography can be a security, a commodity or a currency.