Cryptocurrencies, Weiss publishes updated ratings

Weiss Crypto Ratings, a division of Weiss Ratings, released a full report a few hours ago on emerging trends in the criptovaluta, assigning votes to coins with the best combination of mass adoption capacity and technological development, thus indicating a high probability of long-term success. 

Well, according to the report, "despite the lower prices since the beginning of 2018, our rating model gives us proof that a critical segment of the cryptocurrency industry has enjoyed significant growth in the volume of transactions. users, in the capacity of the network and in its security. Equally important is our discovery that these improvements are often fueled by an evolution of the underlying technology, ”says Weiss Ratings founder Martin D. Weiss. "Therefore, for those willing to take the risk, the best time to invest may be very close."

Recall that the Weiss Crypto rating they are based on two distinct degrees - a technology / adoption degree for long-term investors and a risk / reward degree based on short-term factors. Focusing strictly on the former, Weiss believes that:

  • XRP, handled by Ripple, is best placed to compete with SWIFT, the global network for interbank money transfers.
  • EOS it is currently the main cryptocurrency able to challenge Ethereum in order to become the backbone of the "new" internet.
  • Bitcoin, enhanced with the launch of its Lightning Network, it is still the best place to become a valuable tool for savers and investors.
  • Ethereum it is the most used smart-contract platform, but currently it has difficulty in scaling.
  • Cardano aims to provide the most advanced capabilities in terms of smart contracts, monetary policy and governance.

Weiss warns, however, that investors shouldn't ignore the risk of loss, which remains far superior in cryptocurrency markets than any other asset class. Therefore, i Weiss Crypto rating, which include risk and reward factors, are not as high. Only four - EOS, Ripple, Bitcoin and Binance - deserve an overall rating of B-, and no coin scores an A.