Crypto Market Ads presents the crypto marketing and the advertising market

Crypto Market Ads offers a work platform and multiple marketing options

Crypto Market Ads introduces a new market that solves all advertising and marketing needs; focused on the niche markets of Crypto and Blockchain.

Typical difficulties and problems are eliminated in a flash, connecting industry publishers and advertisers on a platform designed to meet needs. By participating for free, the market environment allows publishers to engage in fair and successful competitions, allowing them to maintain competitive prices. It leads to the discovery of costs as low as they are convenient and interesting for advertisers.

The advertising and encrypted marketing industry has expanded over the past two years. Compared to 2017, ICO & IEO's advertising and marketing volume quadrupled in just over a year in 2018. A similar model has been adopted by the amount of advertising and marketing budgets for projects in the field.

"Crypto Market Ads is a democratic and decentralized market for encrypted and blockchain advertising." The founding core team.

In addition to establishing the best market solutions for advertising around the blockchain universe, they create an Internet of goods and services for sellers and global markets; Crypto Market Ads wants to change the way distributors allocate products and services by creating a P2P (peer-to-peer) ecosystem truly global, in which sellers trust and where goods and services are immediately available throughout the world and through a network of markets.

Crypto Market Ads also wants to offer interactive online tools, such as a decentralized visual marketplace builder with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It is complemented by an initial coin offering platform (ICO) for markets to ensure the success of all stakeholders, stakeholders and early adopters.

Is there any special offer for contributors?

The first 999 people who will contribute with at least 3 + ETH in Private Selling will have a commission of 0% on the Crypto Market Ads market together with a Founder badge.

Features of Crypto Market Ads, the three fundamentals of the platform

If we consider the challenges of a recently consolidated industry, the market needs a reliable platform such as paradise and a safe bridge. A standard that brings together bounty hunters, early adopters and the most successful space crypto publishers. In this sense, the Crypto Market Ads market can benefit users through its three strengths:

  • Promote or offer marketing services.
  • Provide consulting services.
  • Buy / sell services related to existing or new crypto / blockchain projects.

By offering substantial benefits, the cryptographic space is generating opportunities for those immersed in revolutionary entrepreneurship.

The community and content creators demand good profits in order to continue performing their tasks without worries. As a result, the value of content, websites, forum activities, videos, webinars, email campaigns and many other related services are consolidated.

Currently there is no established platform. Crypto Market Ads opens its doors to industry players to offer its advertising and marketing services.

The founders' mentality is to allow advertisers to find comfort in finding all service providers in one place at competitive and rational market prices.
In other words, the main objective is the generation of value for all parties. In this way, thanks to the traceability and transparency of blockchain technology, the parties obtain a relationship of trust. Marketing teams can outsource almost all aspects of promotions to influencers, professionals, reward hunters and other related service providers transparently.

They will also be able to negotiate with publishers and get personalized offers based on their needs.

Participate in Crypto Market Ads PRIVATE SALE starting from 20 / 04 / 2019 and get a discount of 50% (very limited coin amount)!
(1 CMA = 0,005 USD)

Growth expectations in the crypto advertising market in the short and medium term
Currently, the total market size is around $ 5 billion and is expected to grow in subsequent years. It is expected to exceed $ 54 billion by 2021.

This positive and rapid growth has created logistical and external problems; pitfalls such as the ban on encrypted advertising by large companies around the world. Companies and publishers that take advantage of uploading up to ten times more than other comparable niches they are an excellent example. It also becomes difficult to find in famous influencers and publishers, as early growth without rules has attracted scams and fraud in the past.

Based on the high demands of the advertising and crypto marketing sector, it requires a platform for the exchange of large volumes of advertising and marketing purchase orders. Crypto Market Ads proposes to solve these problems by offering a stable market that can bring together advertisers and publishers on an open and democratic market platform.

Publishers and service providers will confront each other through marketing tactics such as pricing, demonstrable competitiveness and instant communication. Versatility for market makers is one of the strengths of Crypto Market Ads. Advertisers will be able to carry out their marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns quickly and reliably without requiring exorbitant budgets or contacting dozens of publishers.

¡Crypto Market Ads Live Market!

This solution will help the entire specialized advertising space to become completely independent, instead of relying on large companies; companies that do not support this new paradigm are changing. The crypto market is large enough to evolve on its own without the support of traditional publishers. However, he will receive with open arms the experts who will jump and decide to be part of the most revolutionary global transformation of the last decades.
Details and distribution of Crypto Market Ads coins
To participate in the project launch, you can contribute as a bounty hunter or purchase Crypto Market Ads coins. Ten billion units will be issued, of which 50% is available for private sale and IEO; the coins not acquired will be burned according to the parameters detailed in the official Crypto Market Ads documentation. Private sale begins April 20 and anyone can participate except residents of the United States. The distribution of detailed coins in Crypto Market Ads Whitepaper shows the following proportions:
50% of private sales and IEO (dinner sales)
10% marketing, sizes, sales, referrals and consultants.
20% of exchanges and reserves.
Market announcements founders Crypto at 10% (block one year).
10% of Crypto Market Ads team members (Lock up one year).
Below, we share the official project links and social media accounts. Keep up to date with the details coming up on the IEO.

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