Crypto Mining | Is it possible to mine with a phone?

Crypto Mining | Is it possible to mine with a phone? - Mining Bitcoin Through a Mobile Phone 02If you want to buy or mine Bitcoin or Ethereum, this is also possible with your smartphone. For this purpose, there are various vendors who provide their cryptocurrency mining software.

However, cryptocurrency mining on your smartphone is different from traditional mining.

How does phone mining work?

Bitcoin is managed decentralized via the blockchain, which consists of individual transactions that can be done with an OKX bot - securely and 24/7. These transactions have to be verified with the help of complex calculation tasks.

To mine cryptocurrencies despite the low computing power of smartphones, people use so-called cloud mining. In this process, several mining devices come together, which increases the computing power and allows you to solve more complex computing tasks faster.

These mining pools are hosted by external servers. This increases the profitability because you get the respective cryptocurrency to provide the computing power.

In a so-called mining pool, the devices solve mathematical computing tasks called hashes. You can manually set the hashrate with many providers and thus control how much you want to mine.

Consider the size of a mining pool if you want to join it. Large mining pools have the characteristic of producing a profit more often. Furthermore, the size is also related to the rates and payment methods.

There are two payment methods. Pay per Share (PPS) pays a fixed amount every time your smartphone solves a task. Pay per share is what most providers use. However, there are also score-based pools that always pay out only after a certain amount has been reached.

Differences from classic mining on a computer

Classic mining works without a mining pool. Each Bitcoin has a 64bit address with a public and a private key, which are generated during mining.

Modern and powerful devices are used, such as the ASIC miner. Bitcoin is based on the proof-of-work mechanism.

Hence, it is profitable to mine with powerful devices outside of mining pools. When you are part of a miner pool with your smartphone, you have a very small share of the computing power of the entire pool.

That is why the reward is also very low. However, you don't need powerful equipment to mine Bitcoin - and therefore you have less cost.

Mining costs with the phone

Mining with a smartphone comes with a lot of costs, mainly due to the higher energy consumption. However, the lifespan of the hardware built into the smartphone also decreases.

If the smartphone needs to be replaced first, for this reason, there will be very high costs that can hardly be covered by the mining itself. Additionally, some cloud mining providers charge real fees for the ability to participate in their mining pools.


Smartphone mining of cryptocurrencies is generally not worth it for the time spent at the current pace.

You essentially get too few coins for this, which is due to the low processing power of smartphones.


If you still want to feel comfortable, you can start trading Bitcoin via smartphone. For this purpose, there are numerous online brokers where cryptocurrencies can be purchased.

However, users must be careful when mining Bitcoins with their smartphones if they download certain apps. Some apps are malware that mines cryptocurrencies in the background and thus massively disrupts the performance of the device. 

If such an app was downloaded, it should be uninstalled right away. It's problematic because apps superficially have nothing to do with mining. Therefore, you should always exercise caution before installing apps.