Cryptopia how it works

How does Cryptopia work? Cryptopia is one of the major exchanges regarding the purchase of minor coins, also called shitcoins, those that we usually do not find in large and consolidated portals.

Cryptopia as you buy

The main coins to be deposited for the purchase are




one of the things she was famous for, it was also possible to buy with LTC and Doge, therefore almost non-existent commissions, fast transactions and the possibility of exchanging even small capitals.

There is no document verification and as it happens in these cases, there is not even any cashout, so you can neither buy directly by bank transfer and credit card and neither pick up anything (such as Coinbase).

The operation is like that of binance, the coins that I have listed above are deposited and exchanged with others.

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Cryptopia how it works - cryptopia how it works

cryptopia how it works

As you can see, it is very intuitive

Exchange : opens the panel with all the coins

Marketplace : an e-commerce where you buy in bitcoins

Forum : with the latest news

NZD : the cryptopia currency

Exchange panel

Cryptopia how it works - shitcoin on cryptopia

shitcoin on cryptopia

on the left there is the panel with the change of all the coins on the 5 accepted, as I told you, do not take into consideration LTC and Doge because they have disabled them.

The sort is the one for traded volume, then you will have the percentage in 24 H and the cost.

On the top right, do you see where I circled the B in Red? It is your wallet, where all your coins are bought, I will indicate it because it took me a while to understand.

How to make an order

if you click on the coin in the left panel, this image will open on the right.

Cryptopia how it works - placing an order

place an order

It is very intuitive but I will explain it to you,


it is used to buy

Amount means how many coins you want to buy

Price: if you click on it gives you the current price, if instead you put the purchase price by hand, the system will insert the order and if it reaches that price you will win the coin

Sum : it means the total cost not per single currency

Fairy: how many are the commissions to pay

Total : is the total to pay consisting of SUM and Fee


serves to sell, the values ​​are identical to those of Buy, I must be honest, while on some portals it does not work properly, here, it really works, many use it to trade, so they buy at a certain price and put a Sell on a gain hypothetical.

Open Order

If you have not entered the price by hand and you have not reached it, your order is in Open Order, ie open order

It is located in the Exchange menu, Open Order, of course you can delete it and put back what you want.

Cryptopia commissions

The commissions are not absolutely transparent, not so much during the buying or selling process, but on the withdraw, it is a variable commission, for XEM for example they asked me 20 Xem, for ETN they asked me for 10.


some manage to make big profits (or big losses) as there are many shitcoins that peak up to 1000% in an hour, obviously there is strong manipulation, it is a small exchange, with few volumes and with some groups telegram it is possible to make important pumps.

The advice is if you trade on shitcoins, set up sells right away, if instead you bet on important coins like XEM or Monero or other, maybe take a ride to other portals because the fees for the withdraw are high.

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