CryptoSignals - The Cryptocurrency Reporting Community

CryptoSignals - The Cryptocurrency Reporting Community - cryptosignals

In this article we will talk about CryptoSignals, a site founded by a group of professional traders who have been operating in the cryptocurrency sector since 2014, and who have decided to create a Telegram group for reports on possible crypto rises or falls.

What is CryptoSignals and how does it work

CryptoSignals is a cryptocurrency reporting service that seeks to notify cryptocurrency trends as far in advance as possible, so that traders registered with this service can anticipate and benefit from these reports.
Everything looks very professional right from the start, the presentation on the website looks very inviting. Although initially one can be quite skeptical about such a service, as it is practically impossible to predict the trend of the cryptocurrency market, CryptoSignals will amaze you with the accuracy of its reports.

VIP crypto signals are sent using the Telegram messaging app. Through it, you receive BTC signals and ETH signals, notifications on the goals achieved and general information.
Currently, CryptoSignals sends 3 free cryptographic reports per week, each of which is sent with a deep technical analysis on the reasons for such a report and how to react via the broker platform you are subscribed to.

CryptoSignals subscription plans

This site also offers a VIP group, thanks to which you will have many more advantages, such as:

• 2-3 reports per day
• 82% success rate
• Operations Risk Reports
• Percentage of risk per transaction

However, all these advantages have a price, which varies according to the type of billing you choose:

• Monthly billing: 40 €
• Four-monthly billing: 76 €
• Semi-annual billing: 111 €
• Annual billing: 204 €

The advantages of subscribing to the service offered by CryptoSignals

As mentioned above, crypto reports are a set of instructions sent directly to you that inform you which cryptocurrency to buy. A signal will typically contain the following information:

• The cryptocurrency to buy: the signal will specify which cryptocurrency needs to be purchased, eg. BTC, ETH
• The purchase price: The price at which you should try to buy the cryptocurrency
• Sales Goals: The price at which you should sell the cryptocurrency to make a profit
• Stop loss: A mechanism to automatically exit your position to mitigate losses

As you can imagine, the obvious benefit of joining CryptoSignals is that it can be very profitable. While you may not see the news of people becoming millionaires from these groups, they can be a great way to add another € 1.000 to your monthly salary. That said, it all also depends on the broker platform that you have chosen and to which you are registered, and for this reason it is very important to select it carefully.

The second biggest benefit of using CryptoSignals is the huge amount of time you can save. You no longer need to spend hours looking at charts or conducting research alone when you can pay someone else to do it. As long as you are able to generate a return greater than the amount you paid to be part of the group, then it is worth it.
Finally, subscribing to CryptoSignals gives you the opportunity to learn from those who are better at spotting profitable trades than you. Considering the fact that analyzes are conducted 24/24, you can be sure that after reading the various reports and reports sent you will be able to apply their teachings for yourself.

Gradually, you will become more adept at identifying trades to the point where you may no longer need such a service, although it is always convenient to have that extra safety factor, which in the trading world it always does. comfortable.

Conclusions: A fundamental service for anyone trading cryptocurrencies

To conclude, crypto signals are a thriving new space within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They offer several benefits such as being more profitable, saving time, and potentially being a great learning opportunity.

We would like to encourage people to see crypto signals as a means of supplementing their income instead of seeing it as a get-rich-quick ploy. If you are able to add an extra € 500 or € 1000 to your monthly income with minimal effort, then this should be seen as a success.