Digital Data Privacy on P2PS

The confidentiality of digital data on the network is the salient feature of the secure and interference-free P2P communication system developed by P2P Solutions Foundation.

The privacy of digital data on the global network finds a new competitor in the crypto universe. From the outset, the P2P Solutions Foundation team highlights a clear global problem; everything that is exchanged digitally with anyone, anywhere, is not protected by any privacy standard.

Including information exchanged on corporate networks (private intranets). At the moment the vast majority of the activities of The Internet and Intranet is constantly monitored. At certain bottlenecks, the tracked information can be sensitive to the parties. In this way new models are needed in which the activity is adequately protected.

The P2P Solutions Foundation presents a data management model that it respects the privacy of all parties, including users who seek to store sensitive data or exchange it with another entity or person. In recent years there have been many data breaches. In other words, giants like Facebook o Coinbase have encountered problems in data management. Data that end up in the hands of third parties without the user being aware of it. In some cases, they are intentional sales. Therefore, a reliable, committed and impartial infrastructure is needed.

The innovative designed ecosystem offers a secure platform where users can exchange confidential digital files or resources. This process is completed without any interference from third parties; not even a network or system administrator. So P2PS is a platform peer-to-peer (like bittorrent) which protects your data without compromising the parties. Therefore, it facilitates confidentiality for users without advanced encryption knowledge. At the same time, it is not limited to a function. But it can also protect, for example, medical records, banking information and other sensitive digital assets, during the exchange between two parties. These platforms are simply non-existent today.

The basis of the project is built on a group of leading experts.

This does not happen overnight, the ability to affirm such a solidity has its roots; a group of experts focused on creating a system to allow people to exchange confidential and digital resources without third party interference.

Leading the project is Jameel A. Shariff (CEO and member of the board of directors); he is a third generation entrepreneur and visionary, graduated in European and American training institutes. Four years of US Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBM) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration, also in the United States Both BSBM and MBA have been awarded to Jameel with the highest honor and distinction of "Summa Cum Laude".

On the board we find an experienced team with Ian Scarffe as a business ambassador; Ian is a renowned industry leader Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto, Top advisor n. 1 of ICObench. David Drake, founder and president of LDJCapital. Sydney Ifergan, an ICObench top advisor # 10 as a member of the advisory committee. Ken Tachibana, technical and financial specialist PLUS Advisor on the advisory committee of the P2P Solutions Foundation.

These details are reasons of great weight, the team starts from a proven base, personalities with vast careers, solvency and commitment rooted in the sector.

As a result, the P2P Solutions Foundation received exceptional ratings from many of the major crypto-space review and evaluation sites. 5.0 in Trackico, 4.9 in ICOBench and 4.31 in ICO Market Data. However, it is not only due to the solid team. The main concern of any CEO or CIO running a company with confidential digital transactions today is the high cost of data security. Today, cybersecurity violations worldwide have a huge associated cost; rises to hundreds of billions a year. Let's go into the details of the platform.
Confidentiality of transactions and stakeholder privacy as a global challenge.

Digital data privacy is an upward trend approach; concern for digital communities is demonstrated. That's why we consider the perspective of the P2P Solutions Foundation particularly interesting. The fact of offering an ecosystem in which to safeguard information is necessary for all types of people. Journalists who need to save their person or sources, governments with a small infrastructure for cyber security and digital data management ... use cases are thousands. Although diversity and healthy competition are necessary, this new entrant joins existing security choices, but has positioned itself uniquely from the corner of privacy.

With a solid pre-existing infrastructure, P2PS begins its journey in crypto space. It is the essence of digital operation without a third party or even an administrator; users get a platform where all interactions and transactions they are completely safe, fast and confidential. A detail to consider is the alternative proposed to traditional centralized models. This includes a wide range of potential users ranging from lawyers to multinationals in traditional industrial sectors. Secure digitization came from P2P solutions. The corporate world includes billions of user accounts in a total sum of sensitive data collected.

This means an infinite number of attack vectors on privacy and confidentiality.

For this reason, simple and coherent models are needed in a global economy. P2PS transfers the power of more professional encryption to a simple user interface. Provide a fully operational platform from day one. Once the management of confidential data is ensured, the user must ensure that it is kept securely; another strength of P2PS. The platform doesn't host a lot of extravagant or unnecessary features, it's about privacy and the responsible team is proud of it. Recent Hacking Cases e data breaches attest to the fundamental importance of a safe software and ecosystem. Both require these features and increase the estimated potential value of the P2PS token.

ICO and P2PS token details

The P2PS token was designed according to the network compatible standard Ethereum. This significantly facilitates interoperability of the token. It is also compatible with a wide range of developments based on the Ethereum network (such as exchanges or dApps). After purchasing P2PS tokens, the user in question can deposit them in a token compatible wallet ERC20 standard. Obviously including the most adopted by the community such as MyEtherWallet, Dappradar, Mist, Parity, Imtoken and so on.

The ICO event of the P2PS token occurs gradually until the hard cap is reached. During the ICO process (already active) e its phases, the maximum collection (hard cap) is 136.000 Eth; or about $ 50 million at an average of $ 370 for each Ether. Considering the tokens that are given as an average bonus of 20% by 50 million tokens P2PS. The Soft Cap is equivalent to $ 750000 (read the ICO and ICO FAQ section on the Web).

Use cases guaranteed from the first moment with the great commitment of the sponsors.

As indicated in the documentation, the market study before the launch of the ICO suggests a positive picture. The diversified focus on three types of public generates synergies, fueling the demand for tokens. The traditional audience of the blockchain sector, traditional institutions seeking to digitize their systems with high-tech and e-commerce locations. The P2PS must increase its value due to various traders, service providers and markets in countries around the world that adopt the P2PS ecosystem. Largely thanks to its multilingual interface, fast, easy to use and intuitive for user behavior. This means comfort, ease of use, security, confidentiality ... and many other useful features.

Many of the functions mentioned are essential for the next wave of global adoption. The Consortium of the ISI Group is appreciated as a sponsor on the website and on the documentation. The ISI Group is made up of multinationals involved in unique and innovative solutions. This is very useful for governments, education, banks, telecommunications, IT, IoT and other industries. Digital file management requires first-rate infrastructure at all scales, seriousness and top-notch commitment. The funds raised during the token sales period (pre-ICO and ICO phases) will be used according to the plan described, which will also increase the value of P2PS.

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