DMT announces CERA, a blockchain system to trace minerals

DMT announces CERA, blockchain system to trace minerals - block chains

The German engineering company DMT announced the launch of CERA, a blockchain-based certification system designed to serve mining industry. In fact, the company issued a statement announcing the implementation of a system that aims to trace minerals, along with other materials. In addition to achieving the sustainability objectives pursued, the solution is also able to offer the traceability of raw materials from the mine to the finished product.
DMT has been dedicated to the development of CERA since 2015 and now plans to launch the solution during the 2020. Financial support for the operation was provided by EIT Raw Materials, whose advisory committee includes Volkswagen, Fairphone, Euromines, University of Southern Denmark, Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) of the United Nations and the Joint Research Center of the European Union (JRC). Just the famous German automotive brand seems intent on exploiting CERA, so you can use certified raw materials for the construction of their vehicles.
The development team that launched CERA includes in addition to DMT technicians researchers and managers of theLeiden University in Holland, of the Austrian one of Leoben,Luleå University of Technology, and of TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

Because the announcement is important

The importance of the event lies in the fact that the mineral sector needs certifications capable of certify the various information relating to the extraction of raw materials. Among the news items that must be certified, the geographical location of the extraction, the process that took place and the quality of the work environment must be highlighted. In effect, this is a series of information considered fundamental in that it allows companies to monitor and control the activities, thus avoiding the possibility of adopting unorthodox methods aimed at obtaining maximum profit.
Due to the process triggered by CERA each mineral will then be accompanied by its own certification, or rather from all those that are necessary, a number that currently stands at no less than 40, one different from the other, without which a company cannot be in order.
CERA practically overcomes the problems linked to the fact that the existence of various certification standards followed for different minerals, regions and extraction processes can leave dangerous passages for less serious and careful companies.

The modus operandi of CERA

In the specific case, the certifying body, in order to be able to put in place a process characterized by the maximum possible transparency and security, has opted for the creation of a new blockchain so you can model it according to your specific needs.
The result is a hybrid and proprietary database, in which all information can be managed centrally, while only some will be submitted to public viewing. A feature that will make purists turn up their mouths, as a Private DLT, strident from a conceptual point of view with the principles that inform the public registers, starting from Bitcoin.