Dogecoin or Tamadoge - Which Should I Buy in 2022?

Dogecoin or Tamadoge - Which Should I Buy in 2022? - original imageshttpsg.foolcdn.comeditorialimag.width 880 ZDYdOoNBitcoin is the most desired cryptocurrency by many people today. Those who cannot afford BTC or want to diversify their portfolio always look to altcoins.

Dogecoin and Tamadoge are among the main cryptocurrencies that investors / traders can invest / buy on. Both coins belong to the cryptocurrency group called "meme coin". For this reason, they have several points in common. These meme coins have their differences because cryptocurrencies always have unique characteristics.

In this post we will analyze the characteristics of Dogecoin and Tamadoge and the reasons why investors want them. Dogecoin or Tamadoge? The world of cryptocurrencies offers various investment possibilities to consumers. So let's take a look at the latest cryptocurrency investment ideas.

Main differences between DOGE and TAMA

Although both cryptocurrencies are meme coins, they are still different from each other, as real cryptocurrency projects always present a different solution from the others.

DOGE is the first meme coin created. It was created as a parody of the first and largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin. It has since become the largest meme coin. TAMA is more than a meme coin, it has an interactive metaverse and an NFT shop.

Which to buy between Dogecoin and Tamadoge in 2022?

Dogecoin and Tamadoge both offer attractive investment opportunities that can appeal to investors. Investors need to know what is right for them before investing in it.

DOGE has been hugely successful, following the path of bitcoin. DOGE is accepted for payment for goods and services just like BTC. It has real use cases, for example Elon Musk's Tesla receives DOGE for some of its products and other merchants.

The DOGE was launched in 2013, which makes it the older of the two in the cryptocurrency market. The fact that it has not yet set like other coins makes it a choice for investors / traders. It is therefore the more popular of the two cryptocurrencies.

As for TAMA, its strong point is that it's not just a meme coin. It is also present in the metaverse and the NFT. This means that there are several opportunities compared to DOGE.

The TAMA token is also interesting because it boasts zero transaction fees. 65% of the tokens used monthly will be redistributed to players in the form of rewards.

Dogecoin should therefore be the choice of less risky and more traditional investors. This is because DOGE has stood the test of time and has not faded like other new projects.

For risk averse, Tamadoge should be the right choice. The metaverse project is still under development and much is expected of it. Early investors in this project could earn a fortune later, especially for those who have long-term investments.

However, for the purposes of this article, if you are buying one of these coins for your cryptocurrency trading today, TAMA tops the list. Despite being a meme coin, it has rivaled the success of Bitcoin.


Dogecoin and Tamadoge are two of the most promising meme coins in the cryptocurrency market. While DOGE has been in the industry for years and has been hugely successful, TAMA's presale has been overwhelming, making it a coin worth considering for investors.