Double Up Mania: is it a Ponzi scheme? How does it work?

Double Up Mania is a website and a company that offers advertising on demand.

In addition to offering advertising space, Double Up Mania allows anyone to register and invest small or large capital, which would be doubled by performing simple daily actions.

What are these simple actions? Every day we will be asked to view some videos, to share some links and to view some advertisements.

This would allow us to acquire credits to convert to double our capital.

The question that all investors are asking is whether Double Up Mania is able to guarantee important returns (the 100% within one or two months, even for the riskiest financial markets?)

Let's find out in this guide who is Double Up Mania, how it works and if it's a scam or not.

Double Up Mania: is it a Ponzi scheme? How does it work? - double up mania

Double Up Mania: who is it?

Double Up Mania deals with all the effects of advertising on demand: it uses the Person to Person between users and develops a profitability, which allows members to make a small profit from the activities carried out within the site itself.

The company headquarters is located on the island of Malta, Romania and Bulgaria.

Double Up Mania is an initiative of DUM Group Ltd headquartered in Malta and Double Up Europe today boasts over 75.000 customers: all satisfied.

As the site itself reports, customers are absolutely positive, no one has ever lost a single euro since the opening of Double Up's activities. But is it really so? Although doubling up is very popular in Sweden, you should always choose to when in doubt buy bitcoins in the safest way.

Double Up Mania: how does it work?

After making the deposit on Double Up Mania, users must perform daily actions that are among the most varied: viewing online pages, viewing videos, sharing or viewing sponsored links, responding to surveys, etc.

It is important for users to carry out daily actions and earn credits daily.

The sum of the credits earned day after day leads the user to the achievement of the credits necessary to double the amount deposited.

Once doubled the security deposit the user has the right to withdraw the sum.

It means that the user can withdraw the sum in real money for the advertising work carried out.

Double up Mania works on the principle of buy to cash.

Double Up Mania: inscriptions

Registrations for Double Up Europe have been closed as the necessary number of members has been obtained to develop our business.

Over 34.000 applications have been received that have not been accepted.

This experience has led to the birth of Double Up Mania.

When the user signs up for Double Up Mania, the first thing that is required is the level of participation or how much money you intend to invest.

You cannot start this activity of buying advertising space without a minimum deposit.

La Consob (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange), chaired by President Paolo Savona, blocked everything for 60 days.

Here's what we read on the official website:

"the offer to the Italian public concerning CDs has been suspended for a period of 90 days as a precautionary measure. "Active and passive doubling security deposits" promoted on the websites and".

At the moment, therefore, the Registration public are disabled! It is not possible to proceed with the registration for Double Up Mania.

Is Double Up Mania a Ponzi scheme?

Double Up Mania could be one Ponzi scheme or the chains of St. Anthony.

Why? With the registration fees of new members you pay the capital doubling to those who are already customers.

This play continues until the chain of San Antonio is "broken" because it has become too unsustainable.

The system, as organized, is not absolutely sustainable and does not lead to any easy income, as promised by the Double Up Mania itself.

It is impossible that those who invest 1.000 euros, spending a few minutes a day, can earn other 1.000 euros per month.

It is not at all credible.

Double Up Mania: Is it a scam?

Yes, we can conclude that the system proposed by Double Up Mania is unsustainable, it is not very transparent and it makes no financial sense.

This is not an investment system, but a mere system that makes people work, going to:

  • View articles and pages;
  • Fill out survey forms;
  • View videos and share them;
  • Share link with attached sponsor.

If it is easy to fall victim to this system, in the long run, the poor results obtained by advertising networks lead to expelling the company from the market. To learn more about other bitcoin trading platforms, you can take a look at some of the well-known platforms like the Bitcoin Revolution review.

Double Up Mania: Opinions

Here are the opinions of those who used Double Up Mania.

"It is a ponzi scheme disguised as advertising. Stay away. Not paying for months ".

"Paying even if with late payments".

"Blocked by Consob".