Crypterium is the ICO at the top end of 2017

Crypterium is the ICO at the top end of 2017: that's why the attention on Crypterium still grows.

Crypterium is the top ICO at the end of 2017 - crypterium 1024x512

Statistically, it was Crypterium theICO most popular during the last quarter of last year. Probably even higher than expected, in fact, the tokens of the new "cryptobank", Launched on the market on 31 October, have in fact met with great success, thus allowing the company to reach the soft cap in just five hours, ie the minimum level to be able to positively define its ICO.

Moreover, confirming the incredible success of the ICO of Crypterium, it can easily be seen that its tokens were placed in more than 140 different countries, with a predominance by the United States and Russia, but with moderate levels elsewhere (including Japan).

Not only: to constitute a point of distinction with respect to the others ICO, there is the fact that most token buyers were not institutional investors, but tens of thousands of small investors, who chose to buy the token al average price of $ 500 each.

Particularly satisfied is the co-founder and CEO of Crypterium, Vladimir Gorbunov, which to the press recalled that of all the ICOs carried out in recent months, that of Crypterium was the first in terms of number of holders of token, and that therefore attractiveness has worked towards both people who want to acquire important shareholdings, as well as towards those people who only try to actually use the currency.

It is however evident as a part of the attractiveness of Crypterium is attributable to the potentially widespread use of its criptovaluta, having seen and considered that the company wishes to be able to allow the use of virtual currency as an instant means of payment for everyday purchases.

Based on an open source platform, the project also includes an innovative system to allow companies to be able to buy cryptocurrencies, and to be able to receive legal currencies (euros) when customer purchases are made in cryptocurrency.