Elon Musk To Be Replaced By Edward Snowden As Twitter CEO With Bitcoin Salary – Will Dogecoin Crash?

Elon Musk To Be Replaced By Edward Snowden As Twitter CEO With A Salary In Bitcoin - Will Dogecoin Crash? - requestAfter the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk, the billionaire tech entrepreneur, announced several changes to the microblogging platform. However, the owner of Twitter has come under strong criticism as the new policy changes have led to the suspension of some accounts and many other problems.

In an apparent move to address the unexpected chaos that has wreaked havoc on the Twitter community following its takeover, the Tesla owner has launched a poll to determine whether he will step down as CEO. In a Twitter poll, Musk said he would have respected the voting results if the majority wanted him to step down as head of the microblogging company.

Huge changes to the platform

The latest development came after Musk said Twitter needs new investors to accelerate the pace of updates he wants to roll out to the social media platform. Also, just hours after the poll began, 10,6 million votes were cast, with the majority of voters (56%) calling for the controversial billionaire to resign).

It's worth noting that the recent event occurred 45 days after Musk acquired Twitter to reposition the popular social media platform. Additionally, since Musk took over Twitter, he has made massive changes to the platform, most notably by firing and rehiring Twitter staff and lifting the suspension of several accounts.

In another phase of the drama, reports indicate that Musk's recent Twitter antics are affecting the stock of his electric car company, Tesla. In another move that denies Musk's freedom of speech, Twitter barred select journalists from its platform. Those affected belong to CNN and the Washington Post.

The reason for the suspension is that journalists allegedly persecuted the billionaire and his position. As expected, the move drew disapproval from the international community, with the American Civil Liberties Union declaring that Twitter was setting a "dangerous example" by discouraging freedom of information.

With the implementation of drastic changes to its policy, Twitter suspended the account of an important person, forcing Musk to intervene saying that he would guarantee some adjustments within hours of the policy's adoption.

Paying a new CEO in Bitcoin?

In an attempt to find a capable hand to oversee Twitter operations, Elon Musk wrote that he is looking for a new CEO. The billionaire pointed out in his post that he is looking for a new CEO who can make Twitter thrive. In response, Edward Snowden, an American computer scientist and a naturalized Russian, expressed interest in him. However, Snowden responded by saying that he will only accept payments in Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Musk has yet to respond.

The billionaire's backing has spurred the price increase of the Dogecoin meme, and the latest development could have an impact on the coin's utility boost. With the changes to Twitter's policy to be reviewed, experts predict that this could affect the usefulness and the quotation of the DOGE.