Eminem, the living legend of hip hop, is about to launch his animated NFTs 

Eminem, the living legend of hip hop, is about to launch his own animated NFTs - eminem nft 1024x512Marshall Mathers, known professionally in the world music scene as Eminem, has revealed that he is about to enter the world of NFT collectibles (non-fungible tokens). Eminem will be auctioning three different types of NFTs via the Nifty Gateway site, and each has made it known that it was created by the living hip-hop legend.

Slim Shady enters the world of NFTs 

Week after week, the NFT universe continues to expand and more and more celebrities are taking advantage of it to jump on the bandwagon. This world continues to enrich itself with a myriad of different projects, all related to NFT.

Last week we told you about other projects in progress, with celebrities of all caliber who rushed to mint their own non-fungible tokens. Among the most famous are Lindsay Lohan, Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, the NFTs of Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Topps Garbage Pail Kids and Baseball cards, Annoying Orange and Rich Allela, the Kniota director.

Now, the one who is often regarded as one of the greatest performers in hip hop history, Eminem, is about to launch some NFTs. Recall that the rapper in question has sold about 130 million records worldwide and 389 million singles during his career. Now, however, it seems to want to start selling collectibles on blockchain as well.

Eminem has always been a great collector himself

Eminem says he was a collector himself for years and it all started with old music cassettes. The famous hip-hop star is therefore ready to launch three types of animated NFTs containing rhythms produced by Slim Shady himself.

“I started collecting objects as a child. A little bit of everything, from baseball cards to comics to toys. Then I collected albums on cassette tapes, anything I could get my hands on, ”explained Eminem during the announcement of the launch of his NFTs. “Even as an adult, things haven't changed much for me… I've also tried to pick up stuff from that period again, but I also know I'm not the only one doing it,” added the hip hop legend.

Also, Eminem said: “I wanted someone to think of the drop as something unique or part of a whole set, to have it all. It was really fun to find analogies with my obsession with collecting ”.

The sale of Eminem's NFTs will take place on the Nifty Gateway website and there are 50 editions of the NFTs called “TOOLS OF THE TRADE” and “STILL DGAF”. The latest NFT is a single limited edition copy called “STAN'S REVENGE” and will be sold at auction.

The first two NFTs will be sold at a fixed price of $ 5. NFT art and animations were created by an artist called “DOM.” There is also a not yet available NFT package limited to 888 pieces. The auction on Nifty Gateway has already started.

What do you think of the NFTs produced by Eminem? Let us know what you think and if you wish invest in this project in the comments section below.