Enjin and Microsoft together for a cutting-edge project

Enjin and Microsoft together for a cutting-edge project - microsoft s associates with enjin enj pour lancer azure heroesEnjin is a company that aims to radically transform the gaming sector, bringing the dynamics of the real economy into the virtual world. Basically, Enjin is a platform that allows even inexperienced users to create digital objects transferable through the blockchain architecture. This process is particularly used in the blockchain connected to the development of video games, where users have the possibility of attributing real and verifiable value to the game's items, and consequently exchanging them while maintaining real value in the virtual world.

The Enjin-Microsoft merger

It was recently announced that Enjin has merged with Microsoft with the aim of creating new collectibles belonging to the Crypto universe, which present a high quality recognizable by enthusiasts.

This new project was called Azure Heroes and is described as "a fun new way to earn digital collectibles with a strong impact on members of the tech community." You can get these collectibles by contributing to the work of the Azure community, by conducting tests or by spreading test codes among new users.

Once the user has successfully completed a test test, thus demonstrating the validity of the Azure product, he will become an Azure Hero and will be assigned a cryptobadger usable in different categories, which is the collector's item produced exclusively by Enjin-Microsoft team. All of this occurs on the Ethereum platform, which allows users to own cryptobadgers as non-functioning tokens.

Microsoft's statements

“Microsoft and Enjin collaborated on a pilot study to generate a blockchain-based reconnaissance program. Azure Heroes badgers have been created to present a unique and original design. They were then converted into a digital resource that can be spent on Ethereum's public blockchain. " Microsoft says.

Azure tokens will be issued in blocks that will remain available for a limited period of time, with some more difficult to collect than others, making the game very stimulating and strongly encouraging user participation. The badgers will initially be produced in limited numbers, only for western European countries, verifiable on the public blockchain.

After winning one or more badgers, collectors will receive a QR code to collect their winnings. This code will also give the possibility to download an Enjin wallet. Once the user has definitively obtained his cryptobadger, he is free to exchange it with other public Ethereum addresses, or even destroy it.

Currently, the project seems to be going very well, considering that after 24 hours from the announcement of the merger, the Enjin tokens have increased their value by 44% (source CoinMarketCap), and have recently touched a 60% higher rate than in the previous phases ad. Azure Heroes has also become an official partner of Samsung Electronics, which has made it available on its flagship model S10, enabled for blockchain technology in the last spring.