They were almost out of work, they invest in Shiba Inu and become millionaires! 

They were almost out of work, they invest in Shiba Inu and become millionaires! - shutterstock 1658376769 1024x576Two brothers shared the story of how they became millionaires after investing in Shiba Inu, the cryptocurrency dubbed the "dogecoin killer," just under two months ago. Before making this investment, the pandemic had nearly killed their business.

Investors in Shiba Inu Crypto become millionaires

Two brothers from Westchester, New York shared their story of how they went from nearly jobless, to becoming multimillionaires by investing in cryptocurrency.

Tommy, 38, and James, 42, each invested $ 200 in Shiba Inu (quotation SHIB), the ERC-20 token nicknamed "dogecoin killer", at the end of February. A Shiba Inu coin was worth a fraction of a cent at the time, but one of their friends, whom they call "a cryptocurrency expert," told them that the coin could burst, in a good way. In just two months, the brothers became millionaires.

Before investing, Tommy said: “I thought about bitcoin: it was once worth a fraction of a cent and worth tens of thousands of dollars. I trusted my friend and thought that if the coin dropped to zero, it would do nothing. I took it as a lottery ticket that wouldn't expire ”.

The brothers also presented their investment idea to mom, dad, sister and some other family members.

“My mother and sister were skeptical, but they also put in $ 100 each. After a few weeks, when it had risen by about 300%, they put another $ 100 in each, and then it kept going up, ”Tommy recalled. He added that in total they invested about $ 7.900 in total and as of last Thursday, their investment was worth nearly $ 9 million.

I am not an isolated case

Before the pandemic, the brothers made their living filming weddings. However, Covid-19 nearly made them fail. Instead of doing 30-40 weddings last year, James said they only did eight.

Tommy said: “We have fallen into crisis. I'm a positive person, but it was really tough, and not knowing the future was scary.

Their cryptocurrency investment, however, continued to grow. After hitting $ 100.000, it continued to rise, Tommy said, continuing:

“We woke up the next morning and it had doubled. We were like, 'Oh my God'. Then it went up to $ 700.000 and I told my brother it would hit $ XNUMX million. I kept updating my phone ”.

The next day, their investment reached $ XNUMX million. “The day it hit one million - my mom and sister didn't think it was real,” she recalled.

However, this is not an isolated case. Other people have also become millionaires by investing in cryptocurrency. In April, for example, a dogecoin investor became a millionaire after investing in DOGE. 

He got into the cryptocurrency meme after being inspired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Last week, a Goldman Sachs executive reportedly left the investment bank after earning millions of dollars in dogecoin!