Estudios Amazonia changes the game in the film industry

#TheFaustFlick and the Smart Film Buster Business ™ contract.

#TheFaustFlick, a comedy movie, joins the Ethereum blockchain through an offer of security tokens. A bold move on the part of Amazonian estonios; their White Paper is a solid business plan supported by an in-depth and in-depth market research that the latent opportunity is impeccably outlined as follows: 8.3 million Hispanics attend viewers in the United States (go to the cinema once a month or more) who wish to see good stories that they can relate to and familiar faces that play roles they can identify with, spending up to $ 2,3 billion at the American box office alone, year after year.

This comic film will be produced in Argentina and Venezuela and initially distributed in the United States in two different language versions; the first with the 80% of the dialogue in Spanish and the remainder in English; and the second with the 100% of the dialog in English. In both cases, English will be stated, not dubbed.

All this through the Film Business Buster ™ Smart Contract that you will assign holders of TheFaustFlick (TFF) and FilmBusinessBuster (FBB) tokens.

• Access to the script, celebrity letters of intent and all the financial documents of the project.
• Voting rights on five (05) critical financing gates that allow the subsequent film production process and / or phases of the economic cycle of the film.
• Receive perpetual net profits from # TheFaustFlick's multiple revenue sources and all other future film projects.
• Allow talented screenwriters who are excluded from the industry to send amazonia screenplays to review, select, produce and co-produce executive-wise according to predefined criteria, including the quality of the plot, the film's budget and market audience opportunities , among other elements it will later be published.
The Film Business Buster ™ Smart Contract Code will be open and available to anyone interested in

The rise of new technologies and the growth of independent financing.

In the last ten years the number of electronic devices per family has apparently grown, so most people today are more connected than ever. Within this digital reality, electronic financing has grown significantly in the last four years. Independent film producers could adapt and transform themselves by exploiting this financial revolution by joining the blockchain networks.

It is evident that estudios amazonia has made a quantum leap in this digital space with #TheFaustFlick and the Smart Contract of Film Business Buster ™. Orange Economy, or cultural and creative industries, such as independent film production, can enable their stakeholders appropriately through an open, verifiable and verifiable Smart Contract, which allows and increases Win-Win business relationships.

It is therefore no surprise that highly effective teams with visionary and feasible projects have recently achieved enormous success Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) o Security Token Offerings (STO).

Smart Contracts modernize and automate the independent film and film production process through transparency and engagement with their stakeholders.

The film and film production process runs through at least sixteen (16) completely identified and verifiable phases. Film Business Buster ™ Smart Contract, conceived and developed estonios amazonia, will provide a platform for Tokenize future films, thus becoming the first film producer to exploit blockchain networks to optimize an existing and highly profitable business model.

# TheFaustFlick opens the door for film production and distribution, thus strengthening the digital ecosystem with proven and proven sound value proposals.

The initial values ​​of the TFF token and the FBB token adopt Ether as the unit of account.

It is a common method among ICO / IEO / STO in cryptographic space and the estudios amazon it understands how this financial ecosystem works. Setting the initial price in Ethereum (ETH), a step is taken towards the adoption of technologies and their properties. During the presale and the STO, the value of each TFF and Token FBB token is fixed at 0,01 ETH, before the applicable discounts, with a minimum contribution of 1 ETH during the presale and 0,15 ETH during the STO.

During Presale (April 2019) there will be 500.000 TFF tokens available at a discount of 50%. During the STO (May, June and July 2019) there will be 2.000.000 TFF tokens with an initial discount of 25%, up to a discount of 10% at the end of this period.

#TheFaustFlick will be the first film project managed within the Smart Film Business Buster ™ contract. The maximum supply of TFF tokens will be of 10.000.000 divisible units; respectively, the maximum supply of FBB tokens will be of 1.000.000 divisible units.

Holders of TFF tokens will permanently receive their share from the 90% of net profits from #TheFaustFlick to multiple sources of revenue. Furthermore, FBB token holders will permanently receive their share of the 10% of the net benefits of this film and all new film projects that will be reviewed, selected, produced and / or co-produced by estudios amazonia.
An 2 film of minutes of #TheFaustFlick, produced on a limited budget but with the passion of over 30 people, is available on It is estimated that at least 90 professionals will be involved during the 300 production minutes of the film.
Estudios amazonia has chosen the Ethereum network for its Smart Contract platform. The following contract addresses are available on their respective websites.

TFF Token Contract Address:


FBB Token Contract Address:

#TheFaustFlick & the Film Business Buster ™ Legal framework of the smart contract
Both projects are regulated by the National Superintendency of Crypto-Assets and related activities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, or SUNACRIP (acronym in Spanish), attributed to the Ministry of Industry and National Production, and is fully compliant with the Crypto-Assets Law Integral Systems (CIS), issued by the National Constituent Assembly on November 20 2018.

All interested parties in TheFaustFlick Token and the FilmBusinessBuster Token must download, read and understand #TheFaustFlick and the Business Buster ™ Smart Contract WHITE PAPER, both available on, and

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