Nowadays, the desire of each of us to want to get their hands on a piece of cake as big as the trading of various assets such as cryptocurrencies or more traditionally oil can be almost trendy. What started out as the youngest online trading tool in 2009 has now become one of the most technologically advanced and widely adopted platforms in the industry. This is the case with the FBC14 Algorithm.

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If not every week, at least every month a new asset is launched on the market, which marks new advances in technological terms. Consequently, most of the trading companies seem obsolete after a few years, this also due to the fact that they are reluctant to introduce news and advances in their space.

This is the main reason why in this review we will be dealing with FBC14 Algorithm. It is not only a modern company, but with its constantly growing algorithm, it guarantees high profits to anyone who wants to get the most out of oil trading mainly, but actually with any other financial asset. But does it really work or is it just a scam? Let's find out together.

What is FBC14 Algorithm?

FBC14 Algorithm is a trading algorithm, which works in combo with trading platforms, to automate the processes of buying and selling oil assets. The official site does not reveal much information about its actual operation and we fully understand the reasons.

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It is only said that its algorithm analyzes the markets in real time in search of trading signals to be automatically transmitted to the platform, to open and close trades at the most opportune times and generate profits for its users.

Is FBC14 Algorithm a scam?

FBC14 Algorithm has designed its bots in such a way as to ensure that none of the trades made through them end in failure. Each trade made by the bots is well analyzed and measured after a careful evaluation of the market situations and the bullish / bearish nature of the oil asset. For this, the risk of scam is zero, but bankruptcy is also excluded thanks to the use of this algorithm.

  • 100% automatic trading operations
  • Ability to operate 24/7 without human monitoring
  • Highest success rate of any professional trader

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How does FBC14 Algorithm work?

When dealing with a market as vast as the financial one, human monitoring and analysis are no longer enough. And it is at this time that people rely on advanced computers, software and algorithms to generate reports that manually would take far too long in order to collect the best market opportunities.

Although most online platforms have started using bots to automate the data collection process, their use has always been limited to generating trading reports and signals.

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FBC14 Algorithm, on the other hand, took bots as they say: to the next level. The team of experts of analysts and programmers behind FBC14 Algorithm spent countless hours collaborating with each other and ultimately coming up with a cutting-edge bot. While most companies provide their investors with basic trading services, FBC14 Algorithm along with some of the major companies has introduced bot-trading.

These virtual bots have been designed with a very high level of programming and algorithmic framework. As a result, FBC14 Algorithm has managed to reach heights of excellence that only some of the top-tier companies have reached. With the help of automatic robots, the user experience will never be the same again.

How to open an account with FBC14 Algorithm?

To start investing with FBC14 Algorithm, you need to follow these simple steps:


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The revolutionary platform of FBC14 Algorithm aims to open trading to users all over the world. That's why the registration process has been made easier than ever. Just enter your basic details and they will take care of the rest.

To deposit

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Upon completion of registration, the user will be contacted by one of the personal brokers who collaborate with the company, who will tell you exactly what the user must do to make his first investment. The minimum amount required for depositing funds is € 250.


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Upon successful activation of their account, the user will be able to trade with major companies in the world, as well as any type of financial asset, such as currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it is possible to do what is called 'trading short', that is, it will be possible to profit from the markets, even when prices fall!

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Key features of FBC14 Algorithm

Until now it was thought that cryptocurrency robots operated on algorithmic commands that allowed them to open or close a trade based on the instructions and commands entered into them. However, the case is completely different with the FBC14 Algorithm trading robot. This algorithm is unique for many reasons and the most important are:

Fully automated trading

In terms of automation, the maximum that crypto-trading bots other exchanges can achieve is 10% -20%. With such a low percentage, cryptobots can only make sales / purchases of assets at set times. However, with FBC14 Algorithm, users have the ability to use the 100% automated trading services. At this point, all trading activities that take place on the user's account are carried out by the trading bots.

Instant execution

When it comes to professional traders, one of the major drawbacks is that they cannot track every trade, volatility or any other element 24/24. But when it comes to trading robots, robots are extremely fast and make instant decisions. This is why bots never miss an opportunity to make profits through trades made in a timely manner.

24/24 trading

A trader can do a maximum of 10-12 hours of trading per day, after which he will need a long rest before he can resume trading. And this is where the problem arises when it comes to crypto trading. Cryptocurrency markets remain open 24/24, so prices, trends and other elements that affect their price are always on the move. And it is always here that trading robots make life easier for investors, keeping pace with crypto markets and continuing to make decisions based on crypto market trends in real time.

Does FBC14 Algorithm offer a mobile app?

FBC14 Algorithm is precisely a trading algorithm, not a real application to download on your device. The algorithm must be used in combination with your preferred platform to generate profits and it is this platform that needs a mobile app to be used on mobiles and tablets.

Thankfully, most modern tech companies develop their own software to work natively on mobile devices as well, so in most cases, finding a mobile app is never a problem.

Our verdict

FBC14 Algorithm is a revolutionary platform, capable of truly generating a profit for its users.

The beauty of all this is that it will be possible to earn on the financial markets, regardless of the bullish or bearish trend of the assets. All in an automatic and simple way even for a beginner.

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How Much Can I Earn?

It is the inputs and decisions made by the user that generate more or less profits. All those who wish to trade by investing higher sums, will be able to take home greater earnings, just as the opposite is true. Of course, it all depends on the way of trading you want to pursue.

Do I need trading experience?

FBC14 has been designed to work in the hands of any trader, furthermore, to allow everyone to trade at a high level like a real professional, it can provide security and expertise. In fact, the site offers all the most important information to start trading, for traders of any level.

How much does the platform cost?

This platform is 100% free. To start investing and trading, all that is required from the user is a minimum deposit of € 250.