Florentino Pérez is famous all over the world for being the president of a football team that is as historic as it is successful, Real Madrid. However, although this is the role that has earned him the most popularity, it must be said that he is also perhaps one of the most important businessmen in Europe, having founded the most important multinational in Spain and which currently offers around 200.000 jobs. . What many people don't know is that Florentino Perez may also be famous for bitcoins.

Florentino Pérez is a man of boundless wealth, we are talking about a great entrepreneur over 70, very educated, who knows how to manage the media and who has dedicated a life to business, investing and carrying out large projects, of great fame, and with a lot of commitment and dedication , has managed to be very successful.

Although everyone knows that his great fortune is due to the success he has had both in the construction sector and in his career as president of Real Madrid, we must consider that he has recently been linked to Bitcoin on several Internet sites. Let's see if what is said is true.

Florentino Pérez and Bitcoin - From football president to financial investor?

Florentino Pérez and Bitcoin - From Real Madrid to cryptocurrencies? - Florentino Pérez

There is a lot to discuss about these rumors, but we must also say that the information we have read on the internet is very little. Despite the fact that this businessman is closely related to Bitcoin in social networks, there is not a single official statement that speaks of his investment in Bitcoin.

In many cases, when there are business opportunities that lead to success, the image of successful entrepreneurs is used so that people can understand the kind of results that can be achieved.

In this case there is one thing to say: if you invest in Bitcoin, the possibilities of generating a fortune like that of Florentino Pérez exist and how. It is no longer possible to reach the peaks of 2017, but doing something good is very likely, just a little commitment, dedication and, above all, investing correctly, as Florentino Pérez did throughout his career. What systems are associated with the name of the owner of Real Madrid, read on to find out!

Bitcoin Future

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Bitcoin Future is one of the most popular Bitcoin robots nowadays for automatic trading. Recall that automatic trading is a phenomenon that carries more and more followers on its shoulders, even if at the same time it is brand new and many people do not yet know what it is.

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Does Florentino Pérez invest with Bitcoin Future?

There is no information that allows us to know for sure what Florentino Pérez invests his fortune in, nor what financial activities he carries out to multiply it. However, with so much rumor that he is investing in Bitcoin, which is quite logical given the success of this cryptocurrency, we wouldn't be surprised if he actually did it.

How to create an account and trade on Bitcoin Future

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Bitcoin Rush

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This software is quite popular because it offers a success rate of over 88%, which makes it a well above average trading platform. Not even the classic platforms, the most successful ones, can boast this type of numbers.

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Does Florentino Pérez recommend Bitcoin Rush?

Not publicly. There is no official statement on his social networks nor is there an interview in which he stated it, not in a public way at least. Perhaps, if asked in a more discreet and personal way, he can tell you how he invests his fortune, but for now there is only so much publicity on the internet linking him to Bitcoin, but that doesn't mean he recommends Bitcoin Rush as a specific medium for to invest money.

How to trade with Bitcoin Rush in 3 simple steps

Just follow this step-by-step guide to start trading with this platform and rack up a fortune!

  • Log in to the platform and register, it's very simple and you can do it in seconds. You just have to enter your name, surname, a phone number and an email.
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Bitcoin Evolution

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The de Bitcoin Evolution is considered the favorite Bitcoin trading robot of celebrities, numerous artists and celebrities are often linked to this robot, which is capable of generating profits of thousands of dollars in just one week.

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Florentino Pérez uses Bitcoin Evolution

There is a lot of online advertising linking the Real Madrid president's name to Bitcoin Evolution, however, there is no official statement made by Florentino Pérez in this hearing, except that many social networks use his image as advertising. for this robot.

How to create an account and do automatic trading with Bitcoin Evolution

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Just as we cannot claim that Florentino Pérez invested in Bitcoin, we cannot deny it either, what is certain is that Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity and that there are real ways to multiply your money by investing in this fascinating cryptocurrency via robots. reported on this page.