implements the subaddresses of Monero implements the subaddresses of Monero in encrypted encrypted, the main encryption exchange with encryption without the need to register an account (that we already talked about in this article ), has been first launched in the 2017. The exchange has focused on privacy, simplicity and speed on a constant basis.

It has a catalog of over 30 cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Today, adds the latest implementations of the subaddresses of Monero. This constitutes another level of privacy when it comes to observers trying to associate transfers from Monero ae from Flyp.mis. Let's go deep. was launched with the premise to respect transactional privacy of users and to maintain an exchange without an account. The secondary addresses recently implemented by Monero allow the introduction of the exchange with fewer parameters to be introduced; significantly reduce the possible fatal errors of an inexperienced user. At the same time, the new compatibility implements an additional level of "anonymity" in transactions with Monero.

Monero is characterized by offering one of the best privacy options on the market for transactions. However, some features have made adoption difficult for novice users. At the same time, they offered a surveillance carrier through payment IDs.

Monero's active development community has proposed a change for the entire ecosystem

The Monero community has proposed to remove support for sending independent payment identification transactions in most portfolios by April 2019. It also proposed to eliminate support for sending payment identification transactions (including integrated addresses) at the consensus level by October 2019. Exchanges, payment processors and other services should be updated to support Monero's secondary addresses as soon as possible. Therefore, announces its implementation by offering all the benefits to customers and the community.

This utility allows users to discard the creation of more than one wallet to receive funds in multiple directions without being connected. It also allows the user to confirm the transactions that enter their portfolio and the related subaddresses.

This can be used to check if there are internal movements within their subaddress scheme, without it being observable by third parties. The goal is clear: ensure that Monero's portfolios cannot be linked by observing transactions. This reinforces the use model of by taking care of the transactional privacy of users who operate with Monero.

Monero leaves payment IDs by offering a stronger level of privacy to services like

Removing the payment ID makes it difficult to associate several transactions between two parties that usually operate together. At the same time, it also makes it difficult to bulk associate multiple payments from multiple users to the same recipient because previous payment IDs are not included.

The exchange was created with a solid set of values ​​by a team that has been working on Bitcoin since 2012. To date, it has maintained the promise to be the fastest way, safe and private to exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens directly in the portfolio.
The 2019 design has gone a step further making the buying and selling process very simple encryption. With the new implementation of Monero, a bottleneck in the adoption of cryptocurrencies is removed.

It is true that Monero was one of the cryptocurrencies with the most complicated process to use all its privacy features.

The new implementation simplifies the use and adoption of the entire Monero network and its applications. However, it also simplifies the use of merchant platforms like that promote decentralization and the application of privacy to services in a secure way. The Monero community has clearly expressed its desire to go ahead with the recommended timing; and now, incorporates the implementation for Monero decentralized exchanges from portfolio to portfolio.

To date, Monero has been developed by the community; among them there are few "visible leaders". Behind the scenes, however, it is a very active community with collaborators from all areas of the industry. The philosophy of privacy as a fundamental human right is the hallmark of Monero and its group of seven main developers.

The essential part of adoption is necessity and ease of use

In recent years we have witnessed a slow and progressive growth of cryptocurrency and token use cases. Applications, uses and developments have diversified, including valuable storage, hundreds of services / utilities and micropayments. However, developments that facilitate the inclusion of less skilled users have accelerated the process. offers a service as powerful as it is intuitive. Management requires no knowledge in cryptography, programming or other specialties, offering a complete exchange service without accounts or records.

In terms of adoption, this Monero consent step facilitates operations for all parties. Improve the experience of users and traders who use in their operations. Sometimes these parts want an extra layer of privacy compared to working with bitcoin.

Monero offers this level and is now easier to use and more difficult to track.

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