In ten years Bitcoin could replace Visa, MasterCard and PayPal: the search for DataLight

The latest search for DataLight has, to say the least, upset all the big names in the sector of money management and fund transactions: the Bitcoin could eventually replace Visa, MasterCard and Paypal, officially becoming the largest giant in the economic world, not only virtual, but also physical, from a commercial point of view.

This news, now considered official and truthful, has led everyone to ask themselves a series of questions about which is the most effective investment method, not only in the short term: this is because, according to estimates made by the most skilled data analysts currently interested in the phenomenon Bitcoin, the most famous virtual cryptocurrency in the world, keeping this growth rate constant, could eventually usurp the throne to three of the most important names in the world of global payment systems, probably giving life to what would be an unprecedented revolution within this sector. But how did DataLight come to such a conclusion?

Will Bitcoin replace Visa, MasterCard and PayPal?

The most famous cryptocurrency analysis platform and their market, in fact, has based its hypothesis on a series of factors that make Bitcoin a solution that the average user should prefer, compared to the possibilities currently present on the market, by virtue of higher speed of exchange of money flows, given the number of nodes (fundamental in the communication of peer-to-peer and end-to-end data, fundamental in the digital age) active and at the maximum of their own functionalities, a lower cost as regards the management of its own requests and the commissions for each transaction.

Moreover, it has a greater effectiveness from the physical point of view, given that the technicians and experts who hold up the Bitcoin system are able to constantly keep an eye on the performance of each platform and Wallet (virtual wallet) connected to its own systems.

Paypal and cryptocurrencies

The position of Paypal has been controversial, at the beginning it distanced itself from cryptocurrencies, the reason is that they are seen as a threat and possible use of illicit funds, it has even not only banned but also closed accounts that used Paypal to buy cryptocurrencies, even between private individuals.

Recently, however, Paypal has made agreements with Coinbase not to buy but to receive cryptocurrency payments.

Editor's comment: cryptocurrencies are a reality, trying to avoid it does not bring benefits, on the contrary trying to support it and evolve can be a winning solution.

The strengths of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, for example, has over ten thousand nodes currently in operation, almost a hundred times more than the data centers of Visa e MasterCard, and almost two hundred times compared to those of PayPal . However, it is opportune to consider also a fundamental factor, that is the time elapsed since the birth of the brand.

Although Bitcoin can count among its ranks a decidedly lower number of users, it has ground numbers much higher than those of the three competitors that were examined in the same period of time, exploiting the digital age as the locomotive of its own growth , not only from the financial point of view, but also from that of popularity.

In fact, when considering what importance a new aspect of the financial sector has taken on, such as Bitcoin compared to the giants of the sector, and how popularity is also evaluated media phenomenon, it is easy to understand that all the data and statistics of the most famous cryptocurrency on the web not only have margins of growth almost out of all logic, but are also destined to rise very quickly.

DataLight these are signs of a Work in progress that in the not too distant future it could bring Bitcoin to be the real leading name for this sector, having thus acquired a market share sufficiently distant from its original niche, opening the doors to a series of investments and changes that are currently unthinkable in this area.