Gekko: the complete guide to the trader bot

Know the Gekko bot trader? If you haven't heard of it yet and you don't know what it is and how it works, then follow this guide and find out how to install it, start it and use it correctly.

What is Gekko?

Gecko is nothing but a automatic trading software completely free and open source.

It is a software written completely in Javascript and its operation is given by Node.js; moreover, it is a great tool to automate any online trading strategy. Let's find out how to install and what Gekko's functions are.

Installation of Gekko, the 100% free automatic trading software

THEGekko trading bot installation can be performed on both Windows and Mac.

  1. a) In order to use Gekko on your PC or laptop you will first need to install the main Node.js program in Javascript, on which Gekko is based.
    b) Once the Node.js installation is complete, we can proceed by downloading Gekko from Github using a command line.
    For Windows users it will be enough to open the command prompt, and for those using the Mac it will be enough to open the terminal.
    To avoid problems with typed strings, it is always advisable to download the latest stable final version.
    c) Completed the installation of the latter we pass to the components, thus installing the dependencies that allow the use of Gekko.

Gekko Trader Bot: how to start and use?

This software can be started in different ways.

Let's list some of them:

  1. In Local Data will allow you to view all the data collected so far, also allowing you to opt for data import.
    b) In backtest, this will allow a simulation based on time periods. In this case, bot trader Gekko will provide us with information on what would have happened if we had implemented some trading strategies former before. Thanks to this mode, it is possible to view risk, performance and many other factors. Just set this strategy using theRSI indicator, one of the best known along with MACD, Bollinger and many others.
    c) In Paper Trader you can simulate your trading strategy in real time, visualizing the impact this strategy has in terms of income, using virtual capital.
    d) In Tradebot the same strategy is executed in real time, but at the same time it is possible to automatically implement these orders as previously established.

Gekko Trading Bot: What can be the right strategies to execute?

There are no strategies that can be right or wrong, everything will depend on you and how you will know how to move, knowing how to combine the different 130 indicators to create your custom model.

Inside Gekko you will find some standards, but anyway customizable according to your needs, and they are all available in the folder Strategies.

Gekko: is it worth it?

Online it is easy to find trading bot platforms that promise "easy" earnings e immediate, but as we all know, it takes time and patience in every asset and investment activity.

If you are skilled in predicting the trend of digital assets, the gains will not be long in coming! But, be careful diversify always your investment portfolio to avoid huge losses.

Remember that trading online always involves a risk that is around the corner.