Play and Earn: The best GameFi tokens worth knowing

Play and earn: the best GameFi tokens worth knowing - ca 82820istock videogameAccording to analyst firm Mordor Intelligence, the global gaming market reached a value of $ 173,70 billion in 2020 and will exceed $ 314,40 billion by 2026.

During the pandemic and global lockdown, the popularity of computer games has increased significantly, favoring the development of the GameFi technology sector that combines entertainment with real tools to earn money. The blockchain allows players to earn tokens to complete tasks and use them to purchase artifacts, upgrade a hero, exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat money.

Earnings in games can be very effective, considering that the value of some tokens reaches $ 1000. Here is a list of the best GameFi tokens worth knowing in 2021-2022.


SAND is a token of The Sandbox ecosystem. In early 2020, the company launched its meta-universe, where users can buy virtual lands, create their own neighborhoods, open stores or entire factories, buy clothing and accessories for their avatars. Sand tokens serve as a payment tool for this virtual world and are currently traded on the most popular platforms, such as Bitcoin system,, Digifinex, Binance, etc.

True Flip Token (TFL)

The native token of the iGaming True Group international holding covers everything from game development to brands operating on its platform. At the same time, their main brand True Flip won the major Askgamblers Awards in the Best Casino 2020 nomination.

It was recently reported that the company was the main sponsor of the much anticipated iGaming NEXT event of the year: Valletta '21, where the token upgrade and its new strategy have already been discussed, shifting the focus to the industry. GameFi. True Group announced ambitious tokenomics development plans for its community of holders in September, highlighting TFL as a separate segment. Pending news, holders continue to accumulate True Flip tokens and are in no rush to sell them. 

AXS (Axie İnfinity)

The Axie İnfinity blockchain game was the turning point of the year and surpassed the more popular blockchain platform Ethereum in terms of revenue. In August 2021, Axie Infinity's fees exceeded $ 319 million, 3,5 times more than the Ethereum blockchain. The token is used not only to pay in-game taxes and purchase artifacts for game characters, but also as a trading tool. In August, AXİE token trading volume exceeded $ 1,1 billion.

The creation of the project was supported by many famous companies, including Binance and Samsung. Additionally, the Axie play animals, which live in their meta-universe, are NFT tokens that can be sold on the markets. Axie cards can be purchased on the OpenSea market.

MANA (Decentraland)

Another game set in the virtual universe is Decentraland. Players can create virtual heroes, buy land or buildings, produce and sell goods, offer real services such as foreign language lessons or virtual guitar courses. You can pay for purchases with MANA tokens, the internal virtual currency of the meta-universe. A lesson with an English teacher will cost users 5000 MANA, and purchasing new clothes for an avatar ranges from 50 to 300 MANA.

The token has been recognized as a leader in the GameFi market and is actively used in cryptocurrency trading. The token's maximum price of $ 1,46 was set in May of this year after the company announced the opening of a virtual casino in partnership with Atari. 

Injection Coin (ENJ)

ENJ is a native token of the Enjin platform, its solutions are used to develop computer games for the GameFi sector. The coins were launched in 2019 and immediately attracted attention. Over the course of the following year, ENJ was repeatedly recognized as the most profitable or credited by outsiders, as its value consistently varied between $ 1 and $ 3. ENJ is used to pay for platform services, as well as to purchase NFT tokens on the Enjin NFT Marketplace platform. 


The GameFi industry is rapidly evolving. It is creating new types of assets that can be used both within the gaming platform and as an investment and trading tool. Today GameFi tokens are capable of generating significant revenue and having coins allows users to take part in the management of the platform. The number of GameFi token holders is constantly increasing and the market capitalization is growing. Next year, the GameFi sector could exceed $ 200 billion.