The United States adds blockchain to the list of services needed during the lockdown for COVID-19

The United States adds blockchain to the list of services needed during the lockdown for COVID-19 - connection 4884862 1920 1024x698The inclusion of the blockchain in the services needed during the lockdown for COVID-19 reflects and confirms the viability associated with blockchain solutions. Distributed accounting technology has been identified in critical infrastructure services in COVID-19 guidelines issued by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has classified DLT as essential to contain the growing threat of the COVID-1 pandemic. This means that workers in the blockchain sector must continue operating during the pandemic. 

"Critical infrastructure operators" will have to continue to work to ensure that essential services are not affected during a pandemic. The inclusion of the blockchain in COVID-19's critical services continues to show how important it is in today's daily activities.

Why include blockchain in the essential services of COVID-19

The latest U.S. federal guide to essential emergency services COVID-19 states that staff working in crucial areas that are vital to maintaining important infrastructure must continue to support normal operations.

These include food supply chains, pharmacies, public order and healthcare professionals. The CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) classified blockchain in critical services during the crisis for COVD-19 because of its role in the agricultural and food supply chain.

CISA has also published the first list of "Critical Infrastructure Operators" that will ensure that community activities are not hindered during the new coronavirus health emergency. These operators are essential for the continuity of the basic services necessary for public health safety.

Essential services are essential for overcoming difficult times

As companies implement work from home policies, the delivery of essential services will be effectively optimized. Google, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook have all asked their employees to work from home.

The list of basic services will help to prioritize critical processes and improve response times to the outbreak of the pandemic. They will also improve the movement of essential services staff within their respective jurisdictions.

As blockchain technology becomes crucial for the financial sector, its global dominance increases. Whether it's real-time settlement or empowering remittances through fast cross-border payments, blockchain is now an integral part of many essential services.

The blockchain was added to the essential services in the COVID-19 emergency as it has also become very useful in maintaining logistics and supply chains. The news could also support the trend in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices, which will continue to have a strong basic infrastructure to support them.

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