Ethereum 2.0 developers announced the "final" Testnet ahead of the network's launch

Ethereum 2.0 developers announced "final" Testnet before network launch - Ethereum 2.0 1024x512Ethereum 2.0 developers released specs for the "official" testnet on Wednesday, ahead of an alleged year-end launch.

Finally a certain date

The testnet will begin on August 4 and has been called "Medalla" as the Buenos Aires metro stop. The testnet will be managed by the Ethereum (EF) Foundation, in particular by a decentralized group of programmers, developers and code reviewers organized by the fork coordinator Afri Schoedon.

Eth 2.0 researcher Justin Drake recently announced the unilateral goal of launching the first part of the network before the end of the year. Medalla has already participated in numerous Eth 2.0 code bank tests on various client implementations, including Görli, Witti, Schlesi and, more recently, Altona.

“The Schlesi testnet was one of many steps in that direction. The Witti testnet was another. Altona testnet is yet another. The Medalla testnet wants to be the last before the mainnet launch, "said Schoedon in the GitHub testnet on Wednesday.


Prysmatic Labs (Prysm), PegaSys (Teku), Status (Nimbus) and Sigma Prime (Lighthouse) customers participated in all the latest testnets. All four customers plus one, Chainsafe's Loadstar, have the opportunity to join Medalla, says GitHub. Each testnet also chose to practice or focus on different parts of the Eth 2.0 launch sequence, given the enormous technical challenges associated with moving a blockchain network running on a completely different consensus algorithm.

In the case of Medalla, the testnet aims to improve transactions of the ether currency (ETH) on the new network in what is called "staking". As Schoedon explained: Medalla means "medal" and can be seen as a reference to the testnet that was used to prepare for the launch of ETH1.

He stresses the importance of the network at this stage for the launch of ETH2. It could also be seen as a suggestion that Medalla validators will receive a participation "medal" on the Ethereum network as a reward.


Eth 2.0 developers also recently published guidelines for the "attacknet". The "attack nets" will help finalize each client's specifications - written in different programming languages ​​- before launch.

Eth 2.0 developers requested a multi-client version of the project thanks to the lesson learned from the current Ethereum network that was launched with only one client, Geth. Some customers may have problems, which is hoped to be resolved by the test and attack networks.

"Based on the current progress of the different teams, I believe he will replace Altona and be active in early September," said Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma in a private message. “This allows for three months of final tests before launch. Medalla is the final pre-launch network. "

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