Guide: Move Bankera BNK to hitbc

Guide on how to move bnk Bankera to hitbc.

As we know, the time has also come for Bankera to be listed on an exchange, the one decided for this first phase

It is an exchange for which we are not particularly happy, it has no reputation of being one of the best, both in terms of fees and in terms of speed and problems with the purchase of the various coins.

After this first phase, the BNK token will also be bought and sold by Spectrocoin, where everyone currently has the tokens, and will soon be listed on the official Bankera exchange.

Why move BNK to Hitbc

the reason for some is simple, it is purely speculation, many have received bonuses and at the end of the ico there have been dividers of unsold coins, many intend to use these tokens given and use them to trade or to buy other coins .

Personally we do not share but ... are choices that make sense for large volumes.

Complete Guide Move Bnk to Hitbc

First we need to register on and log in.

Then go to Deposit, see the image below

Guide: Move Bankera BNK to hitbc - deposit bnk

deposit bnk

then choose BNK

Guide: Move Bankera BNK to hitbc - bankera token hitbc

and click the first one, deposit

Guide: Move Bankera BNK to hitbc - copy address bankera

At this point, copy your address, you will have to put it on spectrocoin.

The second phase is dedicated to Spectrocoin, so go to their portal, log in, click on Wallet, 

Guide: Move Bankera BNK on hitbc - spectrocoin bankera

Well, click BNK 

Guide: Move Bankera BNK on hitbc - send hitbc bankera

and press send, to send your tokens

Guide: Move Bankera BNK to hitbc - send bnk to hitbc

Choose Pay account Bankera, the account to take the fees, enter the address you copied on Hitbc and the amount of BNK.

That's all.