Did you buy cryptocurrencies in December 2017? That's how much you're losing ...

Did you buy cryptocurrencies in December 2017? Here's how much you're missing: a sad balance of a rather difficult 2018 ...

Did you buy cryptocurrencies in December 2017? Here's how much you are losing… - cryptocur3

If you bought cryptocurrency in early 2017, probably in December you felt like you had made the deal of your life. But if you bought at the end of last year, you will certainly not have the same impression. By the end of last week, the entire cryptocurrency market had lost around 65 percent of its value from its peak, with some coins evidently following worse performance than others.

Here is what would have happened if you had invested $ 1.000 in the first five cryptocurrencies at the peak of their hype.


Bitcoin, the world's first and largest cryptocurrency, held up better than others. It dropped more than 54 percent this year and was trading around $ 6,400 on Friday. The cryptocurrency had touched a level close to $ 20.000 on December 16, 2017.

So, $ 1.000 in Bitcoin that day would be $ 350 today, with a $ 650 loss.


The world's second largest cryptocurrency has lost 70% this year, and has dropped 15% last week. Of course, we refer to Ether, which is the name of the cryptocurrency, but is associated with the most famous Ethereum blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, which gives access to a global financial network, Ether provides access to a computer network. Investors saw an opportunity in his use case for blockchain applications, but that hype vanished significantly this year.

Having invested $ 1.000 in Ether at its January highs today means losing $ 836.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash it is an offshoot of the original Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency was born last August from a fork of a group of developers who were frustrated by some technological problems behind Bitcoin, including its "scalability". Bitcoin Cash has increased the size of the blocks, making more transactions per second, but this does not seem to have been enough to discourage its drop in value.

Having invested $ 1.000 in cash in Bitcoin at the highest in December means having a $ 858 loss taken into account to date.


Litecoin it would have been a great investment by investing in premature times (at some point last year there was an increase of 8.000 percent). The cryptocurrency is technically inspired by Bitcoin, but supporters say transactions are faster and less expensive.

Investing $ 1.000 on Litecoin at its peak in December means you have lost $ 833. The cryptocurrency is now trading at $ 50 after exceeding $ 330 at the end of last year.


Often incorrectly called "Ripple", XRP has done worse than the best cryptocurrencies. It is now traded around 30 cents after rising to $ 3,77 in January.

Ripple is a fintech company that focuses on global payments and holds the majority of XRP on cryptocurrency. XRP is a cryptocurrency, independent of the company, which can be used on Ripple platforms.

Having invested $ 1.000 in XRP at its peak earlier this year means losing the vast majority of that investment - $ 920.