HTC Reveals Its Blockchain EXODUS Smartphone Will Soon Be Able to Mine Monero (XMR)

HTC Reveals Its Blockchain EXODUS Smartphone Will Soon Be Able to Mine Monero (XMR) - HTC EXODUS 1S 1024x576HTC has announced a new partnership with the company developing ASIC chips MIDAS Labs -Fabrication Laboratory- to create an application called DeMiner that will allow users of HTC EXODUS 1S (its flagship blockchain smartphone), to mine Monero (XMR), for less than 50% of what it would normally cost.

The EXODUS 1S smartphone was the world's first mobile device with support for Bitcoin Full Node. HTC shows wide interest in the application of blockchain technology to mobile phones.

The words of the project leader

DeMiner is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020. Phil Chen, chief executive of HTC, leads the EXODUS project, and has defined the DeMiner app as an app that will help decentralize mining by making it more profitable.

"Mature development of energy-saving software on mobile devices, as opposed to energy-hungry laptops or desktops, increases the effectiveness and profitability of mobile mining ... I am fortunate to be at the forefront of these. two technologies. What drives our decisions about these technologies are our values. Above all the question of how we can decentralize further and create a more inclusive monetary system ”.

The app will reportedly make HTC smartphones comparable to regular desktop computers in terms of hash rate capability, with much lower power consumption. Hence, it will allow the mining of cryptocurrencies such as Monero as a profitable business.

Power and energy consumption

MIDAS Lab says HTC users will be able to mine at least $ 0,0038 worth of XMR per day on average, with electricity costing less than 50% of their earnings.

HTC focuses on providing blockchain-based solutions for its customers. This new partnership allows the company to offer a new way to mine Monero without resorting to powerful and expensive CPUs

HTC invites its users to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and its innovations especially in these times of economic crisis and excessive capital injection.

However, it is difficult to say whether this new bet will be successful; HTC's efforts are quite remarkable. It is perhaps one of the most prominent traditional manufacturers with a genuine interest in the blockchain industry. Running a full BTC node is a good thing to have, but running on a smartphone may not be the best solution.

Will a smartphone miner be viable for Monero Hodlers? Hard to say, but it will be a nice thing to have. And would you be interested in investing in such a solution? Or would you prefer to do something else with your mobile phone?

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