Trump's duties against the European Union could push Bitcoin's listing

Trump's tariffs against the European Union could push Bitcoin - Donald Trump's listing

Much of the world assists with great interest in the trade war inaugurated by Donald Trump against China and the European Union. The decision of the tenant of the White House corresponds to the promises made to his electorate during the tycoon gallop, but it could have disruptive effects not only on relations with the old continent, but also on the global economic situation, mixing its effects with those of one always possible Hard Brexit, or of an exit without agreement of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
Effects to which those who have invested their savings and capital in Bitcoin look very carefully. Let's see why.

An old war

The hostilities between the European Union and the United States are now longstanding and are due to the aid that some euro area countries have granted to the European aerospace giant Airbus for the development of two of its models, A350 and A380. Funding that according to the USA would be in open violation of the principle of free competition and consequently illegal.
An opinion, that of Washington, after all made just recently by the WTO, which gave the United States the possibility to issue punitive duties against products from the EU. Based on the statement made by an official of the World Trade Organization, the extent of these duties should be located between the 5 and the 8 billions of dollars, a figure that according to other sources of the same organization would instead approach the 10.

A situation already seen in the case of trade war with China

The modalities of the trade war between the US and the EU closely resemble those that characterized the hostilities between the Americans and China. On that occasion, Trump's own decision to raise duties against oriental products had a number of consequences not exactly negligible. The first was a fall of the Chinese currency, the yuan, interpreted by many as a response aimed at practically neutralizing duties. The second saw many Chinese citizens ready to divert your money to Bitcoin, so as to be sheltered from the ongoing devaluation.
According to many analysts, the same thing could happen this time with many Europeans, who could decide to turn to BTC to prevent their savings from suffering a similar devaluation of the continental currency. Thus, the listing of the queen of virtual currencies could undergo one new surge, finally going to break the resistance level currently represented by 11 thousand dollar fee.

Bitcoin as a safe haven

A behavior, that of the Chinese and Europeans, which would also confirm what has been observed by some analysts over the past few weeks, or the Bitcoin transformation into a real refuge asset. That is in one of those assets to which all those who do not want to passively witness the loss of their money in correspondence with geopolitical crises, such as gold, are addressed. A behavior intended for increasingly influencing the listing of BTC, with consequences that are hard to imagine at the moment.