Maximalists might use a different route, says the Bitcoin Core contributor

Maximalists may use a different path, says Bitcoin Core contributor - bitcoin atm aspect ratio 16 11 1800x1237 1Bitcoin collaborator Matt Corallo, expressing his thoughts on the Bitcoin maximalists, stated that every other culture, aside from promoting BTC, should end. He believes that the antagonistic culture of BTC supporters can hinder its growth.

He added that Bitcoin made a lot of sense when it was the only cryptocurrency with no theft intent. This is because BTC was the only digital token backed at that time.

But after a while, the Bitcoin maximalists somehow broke their duty by engaging in a culture that expresses a revolt. Matt Corallo called this culture "us against them".

Matt Corallo's point of view on the Bitcoin maximalists

Corallo, a contributor to the Bitcoin core, saw the potential negative effect of the action of the Bitcoin maximalists. For this reason, he felt he had to stop practicing the "us versus them" culture. He explained that this action takes them away from their duty to promote the digital token to attack other projects. Matt Corallo made this speech in a Twitter thread.

In the thread, he added that soon the action will result in what he called a narrative war. This term describes conflicts between digital currencies.

Matt Corallo revealed the likely outcome of the expected Eth merger. According to him, Eth supporters who say the move to PoS will not be possible have an ulterior motive. They want to liaise with regulators at the expense of BTC using the same platform.

He concluded his speech by urging the BTC maximalists to stop antagonizing other projects. He added that they should be more concerned about promoting Bitcoin and talking more about the positives of the digital token. This will be more profitable for them and for the project.

Actions that negate the position of Matt Corallo

It seems that Matt Corallo's speech didn't have a big impact on some BTC supporters. This is evident from the actions of some Bitcoiners who have expressed a more "us versus them" culture on Twitter.

For example, according to Twitter comments, every other digital token besides BTC, which you can trade on Bitcoin system, It is a scam. They added that certain projects may seem reliable enough, but engaging in them will only lead to a loss.

Furthermore, Michael Saylor, a Bitcoin advocate, also expressed his thoughts on PoS networks. Returning to his speech in an interview in July, he said that every Proof-of-Stake network presents a high level of security risk.

He claimed that ETH is one such PoS network due to its significant characteristics. An example of such a feature is its medium of issue, an initial coin offering. He added that regulators will decide whether the Ethereum project will be supported or not.