US restaurants begin to apply a "temporary inflation tax"

US restaurants begin to apply a "temporary inflation tax" - mac grilljp we b wednesday a774e6d3127623f3Inflation in the United States has weighed heavily on the cost of food, forcing restaurants to survive. To do this, they add $ 2 for each consumption, according to the concept of "temporary tax on inflation".  

Romano's Macaroni Grill is the first in Florida

In Florida, more precisely in Orlando, a restaurant called Romano's Macaroni Grill is bearing the cost of inflation, which closed at 9,1% in June, the highest value recorded in several decades, reflecting the profound crisis it is going through. the North American country.  

The restaurant stresses that the measure responds to "unusual times, with significant macroeconomic impacts affecting the global supply chain, an aspect that grows more and more with inflation".

"We have decided to adopt a temporary solution with the $ 2 fee, which will help, in part, to cover higher operating costs and maintain the standards our customers expect," the company said in a statement quoted by CNBC.  

But he's not alone: ​​Coral Springs' Ramblewood Diner is also levying the temporary inflation tax. In this case, they charge 8% of the consumption, a rate that started to be applied starting from 9 July 2022.  

Money that serves not to close

Restaurant representative Laura Bertrand told Local 10 News that they are not trying to "get rich" with the tax, just "stay afloat."

They openly communicated that they would pay the price of inflation, with a notice at the entrance to the restaurant, in which they attribute the need for the tax to this phenomenon. 

In any case, although more and more restaurants openly impose the tax, the consumers, who are the lifeblood of these businesses, do not see a great impact, or so it seems from the press reports.  

In fact, they say they understand the reasons for the tax, which seeks to deal with a macroeconomic phenomenon often caused by bad monetary policies.

We remember that inflation and the fear that it may still rise is one of the reasons why the winter of cryptocurrencies could continue for a long time, such as already reported in our previous article.

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