ICE's Bakkt will begin testing its Bitcoin Futures platform on July 22nd

Bakkt will initiate user acceptance tests for your users Bitcoin Futures (see the bitcoin value) listed and exchanged at ICE Futures in the United States for the next July 22th, 2019.

"Two days after the 50 anniversary of the Apollo 11, Bakkt will initiate user acceptance tests for its Bitcoins listed and traded at ICE Futures in the US and liquidated to ICE Clear US", Reveal authoritative sources.

Subject to regulatory approval, the Bakkt company will operate separately from the exchange of ICE futures and will have separate governance.

What are the effects on the criprovalue sector?

This launch represents an important move for the entire sector of cryptocurrency as it will establish a new standard for access to digital asset markets.

At present, the participation of institutional investors in the development of the cryptographic market is still limited due to a series of infrastructural and regulatory problems.

This situation will lead to one lower liquidity, to smaller volumes of trade and to one lower price transparency compared to those in more established markets.

However, Bakkt's mission is to guarantee the development of areliable infrastructure on digital asset markets.

This should ensure safer transactions. To achieve this ultimate goal, the team behind Bakkt has identified a number of problems that prevent the markets from growing healthily.

To address these problems, it has provided a list of possible solutions based on the peculiarities of Bitcoin Futures.

The company wants to introduce fully regulated assets which, among other advantages, will decrease the current uncertainty and high transaction costs.

The company has prepared a series of other features that include market maker incentive programs, block trades, integrations with regulated brokerage platforms, a tariff that incentivizes trading activities.

Bakkt's monthly and daily contracts will have a minimum fluctuation in the price of $ 2,50 for BTC. Negotiations will be available at $ 0,01 for Bitcoin.