ICO Arcblock sold out in 20 minutes: what's behind this project?

ICO Arcblock sold out in 20 minutes: what's behind this project? An analysis look at one of the most successful ICOs in 2018.

Arcblock ICO sold out in 20 minutes: what's behind this project? - arcblock

The ICO of Arcblock (ABT), one of the most prominent projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem over the past few months, was sold out in less than 20 minutes, attracting the interest of investors from as many as 170 countries. But what is this project and what makes it so attractive?

To understand why Arcblock is so attractive, of course, you first need to understand what it is. Arcblock is basically what you would describe as 3.0 blockchain, as it aims to represent an evolution of the second generation of blockchains, making it easier for each person to start Dapp on multiple platforms. In essence, it's not about creating new blockchains, but rather to allow users to use existing blockchains to create applications usable by anyone.

The aforementioned cue, already alone, should be sufficient reason to make Arcblock an attractive project for investors. But beyond that, there are many other factors that place Arcblock (ABT) at the top of every investor's wish list.

In this context, one of the most important is the project roadmap. Very few projects have detailed roadmaps as detailed as Arcblock. Take for example the plans to launch the first consumer-targeted application, with the aim of developing adaptability to the Ethereum blockchain within this quarter, in order to allow for future connections cross blockchain.

In addition to this, Arcblock can have a truly extraordinary team. All team members have extensive experience in their respective fields and have therefore brought enviable experience and expertise in Arcblock. Still, another relevant aspect of Arcblock (ABT) is that it has a very low amount of tokens. Most cryptographic coins with a low coin count tend to have higher valuations than their counterparts who have - perhaps - billions of coins in the market. And that's why some projects are constantly trying to "burn" coins, in an attempt to increase the value of those left in circulation. In the case of Arcblockhowever, there are only 186 million coins released on the market.

We just have to understand whether or not all these good expectations will be comforted by reality. What do you think about it?