The 75% of Coinbase's trading volume is Bitcoin

75% of Coinbase's trading volume is made up of Bitcoin - bitcoin

According to the data released by CoinMarketCap during the last 24 hours, for the Coinbase Pro exchange platform, the volume of exchanges is 75% due to Bitcoin. Starting from January 2018, when the Bitcoin dominanceexchanges with this cryptocurrency started to rise as they peaked. His jump from 33% minimum to the current 68% has seen a surge that he has seen its highs in April 2019. 

With these assumptions the Bitcoin domain it is absolute on all the others cryptocurrency present on the Coinbase platform. In fact, the dominance of BTC is not limited to market capitalization but also for i exchange volumes between the various digital currencies. 

Considering Coinbase, which resultedto be one of the most important exchanges on the international scene, in the last 24 hours it has registered a trading volume equal to 480 million collars. On these exchanges, the 75% well concerned the BTC (see Bitcoin quotation in real time). In other words, the Bitcoin trading volumes performed on Coinbase Pro they are three times higher than those of all other digital currencies. 

Counters at the moment does not present very many altcoins, but the monitoring carried out by CoinMarketCap has monitored about 50 exchange pairs on Coinbase Pro, and 15 well concern bitcoins, or about 30%. 

Cryptocurrencies that remain on the Coinbase exchange platform, represented around 3,9% of the exchanges instead. Despite its main source of exchange is Bitcoin, Coinbase continues to always add more digital currencies to its platform.

Recently, the exchange has announced that the main goal is to provide support to all cryptocurrencies that are able to meet technical standards that can also comply with American laws, thus managing to provide their customers with access to practically 90% of the market capitalization of all the digital currencies that are in circulation. 

To date, this specific strategy has seen no gains or profits that can yield the choice of the exchange was significant, it is not said, however, that by continuing they do not obtain obvious advantages from this choice.