Colombian coffee tastes like bitcoin at this Medellin venue

Colombian coffee tastes like bitcoin at this Medellin café - Colombian coffeeSpaces for bitcoiners continue to gain ground in Latin America. In the city of Medellín, in northwestern Colombia, there is Mind Café, a coffee shop where you can pay with bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum ether (ETH), solana (SOL), among others.  

As stated on their website, it is the "first" institution to offer this type of service with cryptocurrencies in Colombia. In addition to drinks, they also offer a varied gastronomic offer.  

The venue, located specifically in the Provence sector, was born after its founder, Daniel Aguilar, traveled to New York City, where he could see how Wall Street stock brokers had meeting places to talk about what it happened in their days on the stock exchange.  

Inspired by that, Aguilar opened the Mind Café, aimed at bitcoiners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, he told a local media outlet.  

Educational proposal 

However, the proposal goes beyond simply selling drinks and food. They have also integrated within the structure spaces for education and training on Bitcoin, blokchain, wallets, among others.

“We did very well, many people came not only to have a coffee, but also to meet other people, to get to know this world thanks to the talks and events we do”, explained the founder of the so-called “crypto café”. 

Aguilar commented that inside the Mind Café there is also an ATM for the purchase and sale of bitcoins with Colombian pesos and allows purchases of up to 1 million pesos.  

More bitcoin cafes in Latin America  

Recently, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a bitcoin-themed venue similar to that of Colombia, called CrypStation, was opened.  

The café also offers investment advice, courses and events on the cryptocurrency universe, and access to the metaverse.   

Another country where the adoption of cryptocurrencies is high and where the doors of another bitcoiner café have opened is Venezuela. In the Caribbean nation, the Bitcoin Café Venezuela was conceived as a meeting and discussion point for technological innovation related to Bitcoin.

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