The CCO of BitPay: the interest of large companies will increase the value of Bitcoin

A BitPay executive that is, the company that deals with the processing of cryptocurrency payments, states that the interest of big companies continues to increase the Bitcoin value. During a public interview recently released on Bloomberg TV, Sonny Singh the Chief Commercial Officier stated that at the moment we see a strong commercial interest in cryptocurrencies.

This positivity has therefore fueled the current bull market in digital currency markets. In particular, Sonny Singh stated that: People finally understand how these currencies can have real employment cases anywhere in the world. This is very exciting, because this awareness seems to lead to the end of the tunnel, and for many use cases. 

Singh referred to future projects based on cryptocurrencies of US giants such as Fidelity Investments and Facebook. Not only that, even high-profile financial companies such as JPMorgan have approached the sector with their own cryptocurrency which in this case is called JPM Coin. Telephone operator AT&T has also started to accept Bitcoin payments after one collaboration with BitPay. 

In the future, various initiatives that are based on the use of digital coins will be revealed, in this way we can significantly increase the popularity of such technology. Therefore, the regulatory bodies must compulsorily recognize cryptocurrencies and consequently adopt new and clear regulations for the internal sector. 

A classification will therefore be necessary, for digital currencies the rules these are the ones, while the industry is waiting for just this with the regulations that it is possible to follow, managing to show that everything is organized and legal.