US college football joins the NFL in the NFT world

US college football joins the NFL in the world of NFTs - GettyImages 1237685887 scaled e1643932159379 1024x683 1American college football is a big draw for sponsors, with playoff games attracting over 20 million television audiences. Similar to the NFL playoff season, the College Football Playoff is a postseason single-elimination tournament. The winner becomes the national champion of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.

For gamers, transitioning to the NFL is a tall order. According to a report, only 1,6% of college football players make it to the NFL. This means that only the best in the NCAA will become professionals. When you consider the fact that there are more than 1 million high school football players, the drop to just 70.000 NCAA players is dramatic. The drop from college to professional reflects how competitive the sport is on a professional level.

NFT and American football

Such is the level of interest in the 4 largest American sports franchises that NFT markets have been created to cater for each individually. In September 2021, the NFL and Dapper Labs (FLOW) announced a partnership to bring pro football to the NFT market. NFL sports fans can collect digital videos of the biggest plays of the NFL season on the NFLALLDAY market. The move follows the Dapper Lab-NBA collaboration that led to the creation of the NBA's Top Shot NFT market.

College football coins NFT for NFL hopes

After the end of the NCAA playoffs and with the college football elite looking to a profitable future in the NFL, the organizers of Reese's Senior Bowl reported that they have teamed up with Panini to create a single NFT edition for each player present at the game. . For college football, Reese's Senior Bowl is a showcase of college football's best players. By invitation only, the all-star game takes place annually, and the NFL site highlights the best players from training sessions and the game itself.