Technology giant VMware joins Samsung and Salesforce in a round of financing C-series digital assets

Technology giant VMware joins Samsung and Salesforce in a round of financing C-series digital assets - DigitalAssetWith nearly 25.000 employees in $ 15 billion in resources, VMware joins technology leaders Salesforce Ventures and Samsung Venture Investment Corp (Samsung) as an investor in Digital Asset and its growing DAML partner ecosystem.

A big step for VMware

Brendon Howe, VMware Vice President and General Manager, VMware Blockchain, has joined the company's board of directors. Howe joined VMware in September 2019 and is responsible for managing his Blockchain business unit. Previously, he held the role of SVP and GM of Cloud Data Services at NetApp after managing the Emerging Products division.

"Digital Asset's partnership with VMware creates a truly enterprise-level blockchain offering that meets the requirements of even the most demanding use cases in a wide range of markets," said Yuval Rooz, co-founder and CEO of Digital Asset. . "Brendon brings tremendous technical leadership on the network, storage and virtualization to the board of directors of Digital Asset."

A pact between technology giants at the service of companies

DAML is a cutting-edge framework for creating connected applications that span data silos and establish boundaries, changing the way companies collaborate in all sectors.

Digital Asset works with technology infrastructure providers to integrate DAML smart contracts with their blockchain, database or cloud technologies. Digital Asset partners provide commercial integrations with modern infrastructure, such as VMware Blockchain, to allow ambitious teams to build fundamentally new products.

"Digital Asset's simple and powerful business logic approach helps customers build distributed multi-party applications much faster," said Brendon Howe, vice president and general manager, VMware Blockchain.

"The combination of DAML and VMware's blockchain products is an exciting business opportunity for both of us, and we can't wait to expand our collaboration." In April 2019, Digital Asset announced a partnership with VMware to integrate DAML with VMware Blockchain.

Subsequently, further integrations were announced with Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth and Besu, Corda di R3, the Chinese blockchain FISCO BCOS, Amazon's QLDB database and Aurora, as well as the DAML cloud service, making DAML the most widely supported smart contract language in all. the world.

Samsung SDS is known for its Nexledger platform, which supports both Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. Fabric is one of the blockchain platforms supported by DAML. A Samsung spokesman commented: "We firmly believe that the Digital Asset model for integrating DAML into partner platforms radically changes the entire blockchain market."

Digital assets help companies of all sizes and in all industries to market distributed applications faster and stay longer. At the time of this writing, the Samsung shares $ 1.118 are listed on the LSE market, with a reported Value at Risk (VaR) of 5,693%.