The Tron logo receives a personalized emoji on Twitter

The Tron logo receives a personalized emoji on Twitter - Tron emoji twitter gID 4The Tron logo got its own personalized emoji on Twitter becoming the fourth cryptocurrency to receive such recognition on Twitter. The news was released by Justin Sun, the founder of Tron who immediately pointed out that the TRX community now has its emojis on Twitter.

Twitter users can now view the Tron logo next to one of the following hashtags: #TRON, #TRX, #TRONConference, #TRONAnniversary and TRONGreatVoyage.

In particular, the emoji with the Tron logo has landed on Twitter after those of three other cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin (BTC), the native token of the exchange (CRO) and Binance Coin (BNB), which has been added just last week.

It is worth noting that personalized emojis are a paid service on Twitter. However, the total cost of acquiring the Tron logo emoji has not been disclosed, but some aisle rumors claim the deal cost between $ 10.000 and $ 50.000.

Tron's emoji refers to the next Tron 4.0 launch event

Two of the hashtags linked to the new Tron emoji just added on Twitter clearly refer to the imminent launch event of Tron 4.0, nicknamed Great Voyage which will take place during a conference scheduled for 7 July.

Tron is focusing heavily on the July 7 event. The Tron Foundation said that the launch of TRON 4.0 will bring new privacy features, greater scalability and customizable sidechains for businesses.

It will be interesting to note whether the upcoming Tron upgrade will change the way TRON users have to approach the token. Currently, in fact, Tron's catchment area is mainly composed of consumers who use TRX to interact with some dApps on the network, trade on the stock exchange and purchase goods and services.

Tron's turning point in South Korea: it can now be picked up from ATMs

In a communication through official channels, Tron announced that TRX can now be withdrawn from thousands of ATMs in South Korea. Citizens of one of the nations most devoted to technology, and in particular to the crypto sector, in the world, now they can exchange TRX and JST with the local Won as and when they need it.

Thanks to the collaboration with MeconCash, tourists and locals from South Korea will be able to convert their cryptocurrencies into Fiat and vice versa. MeconCash is a cryptocurrency platform used for payments, prizes and digital transactions.

"TRON is excited to start working with MeconCash," said Justin Sun. "The rise of crypto payment systems is already well underway and our mission is to help people access this convenient and simple payment method. in their daily lives, "said Sun.

And have you already used this new emoji? It seems really nice and we recommend it to all those who want to spread the "verb" on one of the most used social platforms in the world to suggest, perhaps, how invest online in a smart way.