The Meme Coin Tamadoge is going viral, it now has 50.000 followers on Twitter

Meme Coin Tamadoge is going viral, now has 50.000 followers on Twitter - s46nnvp8 twitter generic 625x300 02 March 21The Tamadoge Meme Coin is going viral, gaining over 50.000 Twitter followers. Tamadoge is a cryptocurrency game that takes place in its metaverse, the Tamaverse. The project borders on a very widespread sector: doge meme coins, with which users can mint doge, which they can use to breed and train their dogs, increasing their position in the ranking. The product, which should arrive on the market shortly, is based on a famous game from the nineties.

The game was called Tamagotchi and it allowed players to take care of their pets using a digital device.

The project is a modernized version of the previous game, but with an 8-bit screen. The TAMA token is the native ecosystem token and can be considered a meme coin. It can be used as cash to carry out any in-game transaction, from buying items for your pet to fully upgrading it. After its introduction, the token will be accessible for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tamadoge can be purchased on the official website with a minimum investment of 1000 TAMA coins.

Tamadoge - The best Metaverse NFT game of 2022

As the latest meme coin initiative, Tamadoge generates great excitement in the blockchain industry. This meme coin is the first of its kind and includes several innovative blockchain features, such as an integrated NFT store and a metaverse. Until October 2022, investors can participate in the pre-sale of the native TAMA token before the project becomes operational. Here are some points that stand out.


The efficiency of a coin is based on the total number of tokens in circulation. To be profitable for investors, a currency must have deflationary properties. The limit for Tamadoge is 2 billion. As a result, there will never be more than 2 billion Tamadoge coins in circulation. Additionally, 5% of all purchases made through their official store are burned as part of a combustion process, reducing inventory and driving up the price.


Tamadoge was built solidly and follows an ambitious roadmap for the benefit of its consumers. Compared to other cryptocurrency projects that turn out to be scams, this one is authentic because CoinSniper has verified it. Furthermore, the project demonstrated the stability of its platform through tests.

This is not a mere symbolic effort

Many cryptocurrency initiatives are moving this way in anticipation of the upcoming metaverse. Tamadoge's name is also included. The metaverse of the Tamadoge project, Tamaverse, facilitates communication and interaction between users within the system. Tamadoge NFT holders can take their pets into the metaverse and have them interact with other pets and their owners. Specifically, Tamadoge is a game to play, a collection of NFTs, a metaverse and a token.


Recently, Tamadoge has been working hard on a mobile application called Tamadoge Augmented Reality. This application will allow people to communicate with their dogs from their smartphones. The functionality of this app will mirror that of the game in the metaverse.

Users will be able to spend their time in the metaverse by downloading an application for their mobile devices, staying in touch with their virtual pets without leaving them.

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